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November 05, 2012


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Ted Wolfram

Well written, and being around Danica on more than few occasions in the pits at various venues, your comments are "spot on"!

Since racing needs stars both on and off the track...Danica helps any series in which she drives...650,000+ on Twitter is but one example.

I first attended the Indy 500 in 1946 (yes, the wheels were round back then) and in 2005 when Danica took the lead in the "500" I had never seen such a wild and positive reaction before or since. And since my love of racing (all kinds of racing) I thought to myself if Indy racing has half a brain they'll promote her. They missed the chance.

NASCAR now has the same chance and when she wins and she will.....hopefully they'll use her full potential....and if NASCAR were to buy IndyCar....they will see that she gets to run both the "500" and the "600" if they have to move one or the other to a different day or time, if they are smart.

Danica haters (and hating is just as good as loving to make fans watch)...have one thing in common they don't realize that they are watching the greatest female racing driver..EVER. First women to lead a lap, finish on the lead lap in the "500",finish in the top five, have an average finish of 8.7 in 7 races, (which is better than a lot of men currently racing can say), win an IndyCar race, go to NASCAR and have a top five finish in a Nationwide race, and qualify on the pole in the same series.

And believe me being a women in a sport that gives no concessions to women is both nearly unique, (bull fighting is another) and extremely difficult.

Racing needs competitive women...Simona, Johanna, Pippa, to just name three, and I for one will cheer for them all including Danica!


Nice comment and accurate as Ive followed her since the beginning also as saw her in a go-kart race when she was young.

She ran a great race in NNS as she had a fast car but the tire issue put her off strategy for fuel and more or less ruined her day. She pitted for fuel under caution and got back with the leaders, but they changed tires and adjusted the track bar but did NOT work for her as she was all over the radio saying she could barely drive the car as she had no rear grip but she managed to finish 14th so better then risking more and crashing. It looks like the new CC may be helping but for how long as no news if she will run NNs next yr and they are putting Whitt in HER 7 car reportedly, IF they can get him sponsorship so?? Course some say she just needs to focus on Cup anyway as she did have a decent race yesterday at Texas as well.

She is still trying to find a competitive ride for the Indy 500 but may not happen. This last season proved one thing, even the top teams had major issues with the new cars and engines etc so its tough to know what team could give her a competitive car, as the only thing for certain, it wont be Andretti.


Couldn't agree more with this article. Anyboby who follows her , watches, reads , listens to her in interviews knows what she's about. I can't wait for next season so she can prove the haters wrong.



I absolutely adore listening to Danica on the radio. She is the one who brought my attention to NASCAR having been OW since birth. (JPM notwithstanding, but I kind of have given up on that one.)
Her manner and process are wonderfully engaging.

I've learned more about the peculiar nuances of StockCar racing from her feedback and interaction than I could have ever imagined.

Thanks for your assessment pdog.
I'm right there with ya.
(Just stop tweeting about Beer:30...I'm trying to cut down)



I also agree 100% with all fhe positive remarks and your article, and would also like to ask a favor of you Bill, and your readers.
I recently bought one of the all white 'autograph diecasts' from the IMS online store and want to atempt to paint it like Danica's orange & black Boost Mobile IndyCar.
I've looked all over online to find a 1/18 scale diecast of that car and can not locate one.
If anyone had good detailed photos of that car please let me know either here, by twitter or Facebook. I'm Ttomkat on both.
Thanks for any help anyone can provide!!

Teresa Kelley

Nicely written Bill. I think Danica has done good this year. I hope she does good in cup next year. Go Danica!


Excellent piece P-Dog.


BTW--mentioning some may have missed the NNS race it will be replayed on thursday as normal on Speed usually in the morning, The cup race will be replayed on Wed, but nothing to see as they didnt show anything but the leaders the whole time as I turned it off and then on again hrs later to see who won--pathetic coverage from ESPN. They act like there are only 5 or 10 or so cars in the race and missed lots of action mid pack where Danica was running with big name cup guys according to the ticker tape across the top.

Leigh O'Gorman

@Ted Wolfram

I understand where you're coming from, but I suspect Michelle Mouton would have more than given Danica a run for her money back in the day.


Apart from that, the expectations of Danica from both fans and the NASCAR series generally seem to be quite absurd.
Give her time and the right preparation - two things which I doubt are being availed to her - and she will do alright.

Tropical Slim

It was enjoyable to watch Danica in Indy Cars and when she switched I started watching her in the Nationwide series and have enjoyed it very much. Whether she wins or not she is a good role model for my 6 year old daughter, smart, articulate, fashionable and with a great work ethic. However, I just saw a photo of her trying on cowboy boots and I think she, like my wife, looks much better wearing Christian Louboutin shoes.

The article is a very enjoyable read.

Casa do escritorio - Elaine



SHR is trying to hard to convert Danica into the Nascar sterio-type of redneck, country music & hunting, none of which will really suit her in reality. Sometimes you just need to leave someone alone and quit trying to make them who you want them to be or you can ruin the product that got her this far. Danica has made her brand and she needs to stick with it although small chamge may not hurt, going overboard competely may spoil the content. just a thought.

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