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November 18, 2012


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I wanted to see the race in person,but I still felt proud that the US Grand Prix was a success. Thank you Austin and everybody involved with COTA. The USGP should be here for many years to come.


Glad it was successful, hope it stays successful in the future(just not against the NASCAR finale weekend).My strange question is do you ever remember a race track on any level announcing actual real attendance numbers, not the 120,000, or 73,000,but a number like 117,429. It's the little things that facinate me.


As an attendee, I had only two complaints:
My seat was in one of the few parts of the track that did not have a video screen, and there were too few event souvenir tents (only 4) which lead to hour-plus waits unless you got to the track the moment it opened.

The race itself was about what I expected, even having never seen Formula 1 live.
The facility itself was very nice, easy to navigate given the number of people there, and has its share of very good veiwing areas. Their off-site parking and shuttle-bus program worked tremendously well, I thought, especially for a first time event. Wait times to get on and off buses, and the amount of time the buses spent in traffic were all much less than I expected.

Kudos to COTA on an excellent race weekend. Nice to have two world-class race tracks now here in Texas.


@Kurt... obviously those guys running COTA are rank amatuers if they don't know who to properly report motorsport attendance. LOL :)

I'm another happy attendee, though I did have an hour wait for my post-race shuttle on Sunday, apparently because the cops directing traffic at the intersection of FM 812 & Elroy Road disappeared for awhile leaving the lot on the southeast corner of the track jammed backing up the shuttle buses to where I parked. Glad I was just driving back to San Antonio and not trying to catch a late afternoon or early evening flight out of ABIA.

I was shocked at the number of volunteers they found to staff the track and how well they drilled them in happy face training.

Next year, the footbridges could use some loud-voiced bouncer type volunteers to keep people moving... the only bit of assholery I noted amongst the race crowd was a jerk trying to walk upstream on the wrong side of the footbridge on Friday afternoon between F1 practices because he was too damn important to walk just as slowly as everyone else.

Hopefully more food vendors next year as well... they could have fit more vendors in easily, but the variety did live up to Austin reputation. The breaded pork tenderloin vender that was 50 yards from my general admission "seat" on Sunday was a picture of efficiency.

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