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November 17, 2012


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Enjoy your articles Pressdog--thanks.

I really have no comment other then the quote of "(because consumers, collectively, have buttloads of money in this country and F1 want more of it)". Really--what country are they talking about again as last I heard it was the lack of dollars in the economy here thats the MAIN reason for empty seats at the race tracks etc? Oh well--some interesting obverstaions for sure.


"I wonder if Bernie likes bloggers in his (OK, CotA's) press room."

maybe if hell freezes over.


The F1 race is a circus here in Austin. Good crowd out at the track yesterday for practice, but the downtown crowds are all the news. Sold-out hotels, streets closed for free concerts, a huge crowd, Aerosmith at the big venue, after hours parties, etc. As I've been working, I haven't been able to keep up with it, but the first year anyway will be huge. And most of the people here don't know the difference between F1 and a monkey wrench.

It made me think of Indy and how I've always thought the city and IMS should make the 500 a big event downtown (like they did for the Superbowl) as well as at the track. (The distance between track and downtown is probably similar, with Austin maybe being a bit further.)

Hal Raimey

Mid-Ohio is more tenuous that you think. The track will pay a net amount of zero dollars for the Nascar race, thanks to revenue sharing of TV rights's money with promoters. Meanwhile, Mid-Ohio are expected to pay approx $1.5 million for the privilege of hosting Indy Car. Cleveland here we come!


I'm in Austin for the F1 race and it is pretty amazing. The track is really nice. My seats are in Turn 1 and they are good, but it looks like a lot of the areas for General Admission have good views as well. They had a race with historic F1 cars today that was fun to watch. Every one is curious to see how the track races.

Downtown has a big Fan Fest thing going on that is pretty cool. Lots of live music and cars and games. The track itself has concerts to try to string out when people leave, but no real exhibits. Most people seem to be having a good time and I've met people from at least 10 countries.

The logistics of this race have been incredible. The line to get on the buses from the track to downtown was a half mile long and only took about 25-30 minutes. They have nowhere near enough shuttles around the track, but that is the biggest weakness I've experienced.

So far I've been very impressed by the track facilities, on-track activity, downtown stuff and how well things have been organized. Unless tomorrow is a disaster I think most people will want to come back to future F1 races here.


I'm upset that I won't be in Austin this year,but I don't care if I have to sleep in the car I will be there next year. I'm hoping the F1 race in New Jersey works out for next year-I doubt it will-that's only 4 hours away from me by train.

Pat W

"I wonder if Bernie likes bloggers in his (OK, CotA's) press room."

Ask @FilipCleeren, @F1Kate and @elephino_ who were all there in various capacities.
The FIA procedures can apparently be a bit pernickety so worth asking around for the tricks. Even Joe Saward might give you some tips if you email him, has been known to in the past for genuine people.


The weekend of the new NASCAR Nationwide race at Mid-Ohio next year is on the same weekend as the MotoGP at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which is a bummer. I live equidistant from both venues and would have liked to go to both. Got to wonder, coincidental scheduling on NASACRS's part, or part of their grand scheme to little by little drive IMS and IndyCar into bankruptcy and buy them pennies on the dollar? Hmmm...

Leigh O'Gorman

"I wonder if Bernie likes bloggers in his (OK, CotA's) press room."

Nowt to do with Bernie, but rather the FIA.

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