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November 05, 2012


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Kimi is terrific! A racer with an actual personality - that of a grumpy old man stuck in a young man's body. What's not to like? I've worked with some Finns, and they do tend to be very reserved. A joke I was told by one of them - "Question: How can you tell if a Finn is an extrovert? Answer: He looks at YOUR shoes when talking to you." Of course, that's only when they're sober. When the booze flows it's a whole different story. Kimi alluded to this fun Finnish fact yesterday in some of his other post race comments.


I would personally hate to see Cup races getting futher shortened because the length of the race is fundamental to what Cup racing is. Cup racing is testing a team's endurance and ability to adapt to constantly changing conditions. It is amazing how much changes in Cup race in the laps beyond what the Nationwide run. Last week for example Brad K. never gets all the way to the front after a mid-pack qualifying effort in a Nationwide length race. Or for the inverse you see the drivers that fade because they can't sustain their car's performance. The extra miles and the extra pitstops are needed. Something significant would be lost if the races were shortened in my opinion.

And I don't believe your proposed benefits would show up in any significant way, especially with the current points system still in place. All shorter races would do is significantly shift the series in favor of the drivers that qualify well. And for someone like me who loves Nascar in part because a driver can start at the back of the field and still win the race, and I would hate to lose that.

And a Cup series race is still basically the same length as a NFL game. People on average don't seem to have much trouble watching one or even more of those on a Sunday afternoon. The average person watching a Nascar race isn't paying any more attention than the average person pays attention to anything else on TV.

Mike M.

Yes, Kimi is actually legendary for his away from the track antics. After an early retirement from the Monaco Grand Prix, instead of going back to the pits, Kimi went back to his yacht docked in the harbor, took his firesuit off and proceeded to start drinking.

As for NASCAR Cup races, the problem isn't that they are 3 hours long, it's that they are usually 3.5 HOURS LONG. Texas was 3:41, Martinsville 3:23, Kansas 3:28, Charlotte 3:14, Talladega 2:56, Dover 3:11. If NASCAR would set the race distance at what could reasonably be run in 2:45 so it would comfortably fit in a 3 hour window, I might sit down and watch more races flag to flag. Now, there's about six races on the calendar I will do that for.

I'll tape an F1 or IndyCar race and watch it later if I can't be around for the original broadcast, no way I do that for a NASCAR race.


At times Kimi has said that he is racing out of time, that he should have been racing back in the 70s. Treat yourself and track down "When Playboys Ruled the World" (2010) and you will get some insight into what Kimi means. It's the story of the 1976 F1 champion James Hunt, and 1976 and 1977 world motorcycle champion Barry Sheene. They were among the last of the play hard/party hard old school. It's a great documentary. The sanitized/pasturized/homogenized twittering twits these days can't hold a candle (let alone a cigarette, beer, and Penthouse Pet)!

Michel S.

Kimi actually started P4 (qualified P5, bumped up after Vettel got demoted from P3 for not having enough fuel at the end of his qualifying lap). He just had a really good start and ended up P2 after the first corner.

Another of his Crazy Finn antics: he once entered and won an snowmobile racing event, in a gorilla suit, under the pseudonym James Hunt (the same Hunt that bradman mentioned, the one he's arguably reincarnating)

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