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November 19, 2012


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Iam not happy Brad K won and I'll just say that. I consider him arrogant and a big mouth with no class in my opinion watching and listening to him--so thats that.

Its been said to win in Nascar you have to have luck on your side and the 2 car did and the 48 did NOT. Course does a dumb mistake by a tire changer count as bad luck as that fuel strategy may have worked for them to win it all had it not been for that? The other mechanical issue on top of the crew mistake was bad also, so just NOT their day.

Oh well--3 months or so now till Nascar starts again but there always some good NFL on tv. Good F1 race as well.


Brad has been growing on me as his on-track performance has grown to backup his mouth. He's a big and unique personality in a personality driven sport. And he's this weird combination of retro redneck stock car racer and 21st century nerd culture. And by nerd culture I'm talking about the obsessive passion and intellectual curiosity for his sport far more than I am how often he twitters.


Brad is one heck of a driver I'll give him that but as mentioned its his other personal attitudes that turn me off liking him. Is he what Nascar needs or wants--or can he put more fans in the seats or watching from home--only time will tell? We all know eventually the younger drivers will take over the sport, and we'll see then how its doing. Nascar is losing ratings by all reports and has empty seats so Iam sure Nascar hopes it can get better with the younger drivers maybe bringing in younger fans, but will it??

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Kaira has been growing on me as his on-track performance has exploded to back-up his mouth. He's a big and unique character in a character motivated game.

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