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December 07, 2012


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Ted Wolfram

I agree with the "power of positive thinking"...and I continued to buy tickets, attend races, and buy stuff for all my kids, grand kids, and great grand kids......but (here it comes) I am POSITIVE that until and unless we cut costs (real deep cuts), bring back INNOVATION, and start appealing to YOUNG PEOPLE.....this mess known as IRL Dba as IndyCar, shall perish from this earth.

Positive enough???

H.B. Donnelly

Ahh, a ray of level-headed sunshine on this foggy, nasty, rainy Indiana morning. Change a few words around here and there and you can apply this logic to just about any sports entity. If you're unhappy, sit back and let the natural flow of things play out, then decide if you're happy again or just find something else that'll make you happy.

With IndyCar, I'm not going to invest money to nearly the level I did in 2012, but I'm going to watch the early races, attend Indianapolis (the 500 is so much more than the cars, after all -- it's the EVENT), then evaluate how I feel about things. If I'm still happy, I'll probably go to Pocono or Iowa or Milwaukee. If I'm not, I'll get out my Washington Nationals cap and watch baseball all summer. Boom.

Another suggestion for anyone who's entirely unable to distance yourself emotionally from sports: try getting a job related to sports. I'm a massive Indiana basketball fan, but I can hardly pay attention during games because I'm worried about pointing a camera at it or operating a TV switcher. If you're a marketing person or hospitality worker or even an IMS Yellow Shirt, you worry about your job first and watch the event out of the corner of your eye.


good points, Dog (and Tony.)


You either have the passion or you don’t.

I WILL watch Indycar even though I think Tony George is/was the human version of the ‘Black Death’. I absolutely have feelings for who runs the thing and how they do it. Witness my continued watching during the reign of the incredibly incompetent TGBB. I don’t care. I have the open wheel passion & when the cars take to the track all the rest of the baloney doesn’t matter.

I WILL watch F1 no matter what I think of crazy Bernie.

I WILL watch only 4 NASCAR races a year not because of what I think of the France empire but because all the other races are incredibly boring.

I mean damnittohell what else can I do? I can’t stop sailing because I don’t like the color of the water. If people out there choose to quit Indycar because of who runs it they were never real fans to begin with.

Would that I were eloquent enough to put into stronger words ‘if you leave you’re just cutting off your nose to spite your face’ but I can’t.


Choose to have a good day is the mantra I repeat to my kids. In the business world nobody wants to work with constantly negative people and even though we all know a Negative Nelly or two they aren't usually the first ones we call to just catch up. Get on board, spread the word and take a non believer to the end of the longest straight at your home track. They will get it "at speed" Yo Yo and Yo


I have a favorite phrase that works for ALL sports-- "dont expect so much and you wont be so dissapointed". Indycar is what it is and nascar is what it is, so just accept that.

Happy Holidays and BTW-Good Grief-- still around 80 days or more before the 2013 racing series start again, course there will be some testing for sure before that, so a little something.. Thankyou NFL at thoughts.


Well said PDog.


Meh...I have a great many things that give me pleasure, but I still reserve a small amount of interest in wishing for (and reveling in) the IRL's dba Indycar failures.

MAYBE some day after it's all dead and buried, a replacement could rise from the ashes of its failure and be worthy of support. Not at all likely, but even the thought of it is still better than supporting the swill that exists today.

In my mind, the only real question is how long the H-G's will continue to finance the league and keep it in business. Ratings are pitiful and paid attendance generally sucks. They can't convince a real track to hold a race without caving in on a sanctioning fee.

The only thing that is looks to be growing in Indycar is the number idiot politicians willing to be swindled for the next street fest.

If these towns wised up and the H-G's pulled back, this house of cards would fold tomorrow.


You're right PDog.
Since I have nothing good to say at this time about the car, or about most of the drivers and most of the teams, and nothing positive about the schedule I'll just keep my mouth shut and my comments on twitter and elsewhere to myself.
I can't quite believe how fast my opinion went from IndyCar could do no bad to pretty much the opposite.
Happy holidays to everyone.


Good post pressdog! As a sports fanatic, I too often get too passionate about issues of which I am totally powerless to change, so reminding myself to just "slowly back away" is good advice (even if I need to keep reminding myself from time to time). The irony here are the comments from those that seem forever committed to the negative/pessimistic view--even in response to a post espousing positivity!

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