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January 22, 2013


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Kudos to Indycar! Now, let's just get a race scheduled for February in Phoenix or Florida!


Why not adjust all of the race distances in order to ELIMINATE fuel conservation as strategy entirely? Balls out racing, all of the laps, what a concept!

Ted Wolfram

I have proposed several times to the "powers to be" that pit stops for fuel should be done under "green" conditions, if you come in under "yellow" you can change tires or repair anything, and if you are running out of fuel you may put in some, but then the minute the track goes "green" you must come in. That makes every team have think, plan and execute. Now think of all possiblities for when to fuel that might come into play!!

I also proposed that pit stalls be assigned either at random, or in reverse order. The first pit stall gives a huge to the team that needs it least!


Great idea, GeorgeK, but if you have even one fuel stop you'll have some element of fuel saving. Now they could go to a big fuel tank like F-1. Then you still have tire management to prevent 100% balls-out. If that's what you want: sprint car racing.


The downside (arguably) is that a dominant car will win by 16 seconds and the race will not be in doubt. But, if that car is the BEST car, then, so be it. I like the changes.


I agree with KT. With F1 coming to NBC, IndyCar needs to establish itself at the American Open Wheel Racing Series to the masses. An early March race in the south would be preferred.


Wasn't trying to ignore tire management Pdog, just attempting to take fuel strategy out of the equation.

With one fuel stop and plenty of gas in the tank only tire wear would be the strategic concern.

Teams may still attempt to manage their race weights by loading the minimum fuel needed to finish the race, but it would be at their risk.

Victory should go to the fastest car, not the most economical.

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