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January 16, 2013


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Marty J in Des Moines

What a great interview to start out the new year, pDog!

Here's hoping for a great 2013 IndyCar season that gives you plenty of great things to write about...

And thanks for asking my question...

I think it's awesome the champ sports #1... a great tradition... and great the way RHR kept his #28 inside the #1...


Thanks pressdog! Great interview with a great driver! RHR is the man! I'm pumped about the new season already!


Great questions from you and your friends. RHR had some good answers too! Thanks Bill.

Bill Sanford

Dittos on all of the above!


Disappointed I missed on question time, but thanks for the interview Pressdog.


PDog back with a BANG! Glad to have you back.

Paul Kasper

Good questions. Thanks for asking (and clarifying) my question! Love reading. The long off season is killing me. The limited testing is making it even worse. I'm getting the mid-winter racing withdrawal shakes.

Brian McKay in Florida

Good job.


On double-headers, I predict for the first double-header weekend a huge number of driver quotes saying how they'll be conservative in the first race to keep the car together and good starting position (assuming finishing order is the determination) for the second. Then, when the green flag flies, all hell breaks loose. The second of the races will be quite calm and essentially incident free - not through improved driving standards specifically (i.e. not a 'lesson learned' situation).

Note: This opinion is formed from having watched this happen all too often in other series.

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