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January 23, 2013


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Mark Wilkinson (@newtrackrecord)

Nice take, although I still can't get past the I.P.A. Bitter is bad! It's nature's way of saying "spit that shit out!" Anyway, I like the fact that Beaux makes decisions as he sees fit. There doesn't seem to be a shadow government calling the shots behind the scenes. The rules appear to be designed to improve the racing, not protect an unseen status quo. Geaux Beaux.


Ok, re #5: isn't that going back a little to what everyone was bitching about with Brian Barnhart, were it's totally discretionary to the "iron hand of justice"? Not saying it's a bad idea or unnecessary one, just worried about implimentation.

Re rule #6: honestly I think the best way to handle push to prevent...I mean pass would be "you gots 200 (or any other reasonable number) of seconds of boost for da whole race. Use them wisely" I think that would make the PTP even more strategic because you could give yourself a little squirt to cut through a turn or a big-assed bump on a long straight.

Better yet, there would be no gauge in the car for the driver to know how many seconds of boost were left. [Harry Callahan voice] ”Now I know what you are thinking. Did I use 150 seconds of boost or 180? Well, with all the excitement I kinda lost track, so the question you gotta ask yourself is 'do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya?"

Patrick Head

Oh, yeah, about the Split and Tony George (just kidding). Actually, I see the benefit in most of these rules. I slightly interested in seeing how the new points rule works out. On one hand, it will keep the back markers on the track and in competition mode, but on the other, it will keep them on the track and in competition mode. (No that's not a typo).

I think my biggest worry is, especially on ovals, that #22 and #23 may get all racy at the end of a race, and interfere with the front runners, either by holding them up (good for viewers) or by wrecking them out, bad for everybody (except TV).

It's all cool, if they lower placed competitors are not going 1/2 the speed (visually, of course) of the higher placed cars.

It should make things interesting ...

Can't wait for the season to start.

As always, thank you P-Dog!


I have a question, re rules and Inside relative to what? The first turn, the track, the race control tower thing, the city limits, the distance from Indy? Does anybody know what?

Ted Wolfram

"Push to pass" is pure bull is a gimmick. Just like "dumbing" up the chassis after paying good money to supposedly produce a better car.

They can make all the rules in the world, but open wheel fans really want "racing", which used to mean...a better car with a better is means the one who uses "gimmicks" the wonder young people don't even think of IndyCar.

All cars look alike, don't you dare, change a thing, don't touch the engine, don't add or take off a part, and give $1.160,000 to each team (up to what? 20??) and pay $35,000 to win (except at Indy) and make rules that apply everywhere but Indy..How exciting!!!


craztfbs: inside lane going into turn 1. So that's the left lane going into a left-hander, the right lane going into a right-hander.


Ah yes, amidst the brilliant changes, we're keeping the ONE rule that F'd most of last season's racing. The super-draconian 10 position engine rule.

When will those cheating drivers ever learn? Engine fails in practice? Back of pack you dirty cheating bastard !!!!!!!!

...........took 15minutes to type this correctly on an iPad........just sayin.

Mike R

Penalty for an engine change should only affect the manufacturers via their own championship points. Change an engine due to likelihood of a BLOWN UP, SIR! motor, and Chevy or Honda sacrifice the points. It's not like the teams have any ability to extend the life of the motor, and they jeopardize a lot in terms of sponsor appeal if they happen to fall out of a race where the sponsor has a large presence. The engineers from the mfgs can pretty much tell what's what with an engine's longevity before it's done.

Jeremy from Harrisburg

The only thing I disagree with Beaux here is the 10 spot penalty. The rest SHOULD give us Viewing Enhanced races.

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