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February 13, 2013


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The Speedgeek

Atta girl. Go get 'em, Kat.

Ted Wolfram

The problem for Ms. Legge is that suing takes time...lots of time if the other side...wants to drag it out...and she is losing out on being in a race car.

I would hope Roger Penske steps in and tells Jay no one profits from a law suit except the lawyers, and gets him to settle fairly with Ms. Legge.

I hope things can be worked out...I'd like to see if Ms. Legge can compete...!!

Indycar needs to get proactive...the series doesn't need any more bad press...although any press about IndyCar might bring attention to the mess it really is...and someone in power might try to solve it to keep the damage to just us racing nuts??


If Katherine wins (and that's a big IF at this point), she should take her cash and start up her own sports car team.


Even if she wins she'll lose. What team would hire a driver who could possibly sue them over future contract disputes?

Even if she wins a settlement she still has to collect, and that could be a long drawn out process.

My Advice, move on Kathrine, show 'em you're better then they are.

Jack The Root

"What team would hire a driver who could possibly sue them over future contract disputes?"

If you have a pulse and a big enough check, about any Indy Car owner will hire you.

Hell Jay Penske just hired a punk kid, who literally QUIT the day of a Lights race in 2010, and has shown literally nothing in a Indy Car since then. And if he didn't hire him, somebody else would have. Because Penske is far from the only clown car owner in Indy Cars.


Wasn't thinking along those lines Jack The Root; I was thinking it would be almost impossible for Katherine to rustle up yet another sponsor package on such short notice and she might have a chance to catch a ride on merit.

Obviously I wasn't thinking!


It is interesting that Katherine chose to go public with at least mulling a lawsuit. She must thinks she has a strong case. Or it just might be that she's so pissed and sick of it that she's willing to risk being seen as a driver who sues her sponsor. All of this got me wondering how many teams either subtly or overtly screw a driver because they know he/she probably won't sue, because if he/she does, they'll be seen as damaged goods by other teams. HEY, didn't Wheldon file suit against Panther at one point .... I think he did. It was resolved quickly, though. Correct me if I am full of shit here.


My only knowledge of pay drivers is based on what I read concerning F1 drivers/teams. Usually the pay driver is hired because THEY are bringing the sponsor and $$$ to the team. If the team cans the driver the sponsor $$$ usually go away with the driver.

Case in point Pastor Maldonado allegedly brings $40 million dollars annually (not a typo, $40 million) to Williams F1, from Hugo Chavez. If he goes the bucks go with him. (How many Indycar teams would an annual $40M budget support???)

Can't say I've ever read of a scenario where the driver arranges a sponsorship and the sponsor stays with the team after the driver is fired.

Jim Henderson

Katherine might have to worry that Jay Penske might try to pee on her shoes, he is known for that!


While I think it unlikely that any good will come from this for Kat Legge, you can rest assured that I will NOT support any sponsors of Dragon Racing or ANY Jay Penske operation AND I would suggest that anyone else who feels Ms Legge has been wronged should do likewise.

As a "paying customer," that is MY right. If someone has access to sponsor info, I wish they would publish that info. TrueCar was SUPPOSED to be about empowering women, not whiny Columbians who QUIT on previous committments. This is not, however, anything new in big time racing. We've seen this story before and before and before, and we'll no doubt see it again.

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