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February 26, 2013


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You know PDog...when you get be our age, the most fun we can have is helping our kids, doing nice things for others...even make folks laugh got that covered. Honestly, I enjoy seeing young people that are not afraid to stray off the cow path...Well Done!

Ted Wolfram

I tweeted her "stuff" to Bob Parson, not because I know him..I don't, but because he has a mischievous side, and he also is a visionary when it comes to promotion. Plus he too has an edge!

Do I think he'll take a peek? I have no idea but as the saying goes...."If you don't ask the pretty girl to dance she never will"!! Or maybe "Faint heart never captured fair lady"!

Anyhow.....I sure hope she gets a chance!!

Tammy Kaehler

PDog, I feel you on the writing thing. Writing and reading ... stuff of life for me. But lucky us, our stuff of life is free and easy to do.

Thanks for spotlighting Shannon a little more. I knew I liked her from Twitter and so forth, but this makes me more impressed. She reminds me a bit of a fictional female driver I know ... though I'll be honest, Shannon may have a little more grit.

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