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March 25, 2013


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Good recap! I wish Danica would no longer be mentioned during Indycar races. She has moved on and so should the media. The series is great this year and it's unfortunate we have to wait 2 weeks until the next race.


The Malaysia Grand prix was another terrific F1 race. The "team orders" business is tricky. In the case of Red Bull, I don't see why they were so keen to give the win to Webber. Vettel is clearly the better driver and has a far better chance of winning the championship (again) than does Webber. And it was clear that Vettel was the faster of the two in this particular race given the space he put between himself and Webber once he passed him. But, maybe Webber was still following team orders and saving the engine. The Mercedes situation is a bit different. While Hamiliton may be the better driver over Rosberg, I don't think it is on the order of the difference between Vettel and Webber. That decision of Ross Brawn's effectively told Rosberg that he is the number 2 driver. Not good, given Rosberg's talent and his having been loyal to Mercedes. And, a German driver winning a race in a German car would seem to have been the preferred oucome in this particular race. Credit to Hamilton for seeing that the situation was not good. And then there is Alonso and Massa. No drama between them, yet. This is going to be an interesting season with regard to teammates.

I had the IndyCar race on as background noise as I did chores around the house. I was mainly interested in seeing how Simona would do, and she didn't disappoint. And it was good to see Marco showing some stuff. Other than that, fat ugly cars and lots of amateurish driving.


I enjoyed the fat ugly cars and 92% of the amateurish driving. Looking forward to seeing more of the fat uglies at Barber.

Ron Ford

How could any race be "terrific" with team orders involved?! Gee Tony, would you mind hanging back a bit so Simona can get a podium finish and do you have any grey poupon?

As far as IndyCars being "fat and ugly", sure there have been better looking IndyCars. But the current F1 cars are certainly not going to win any beauty contests either.

Tropical Slim

There are several things that I believe would improve racing

1. Indy cars with beautiful non spec cars and engines, no wings, narrower tires, more horsepower and drivers who are not all BFF's.

2. An app for NASCAR on FOX that mutes the Waltrip brothers, Jeff Hammond and that guy thats the host but lets you hear the sound of the cars and half of what Mike Joy says.

3. Something that makes me care about F1.


Agree with Ron on the team orders thing. If an order like that had come over Tony's radio I would have turned the race off right then and there. It's just so insulting to BOTH drivers. So whatever, F1. Wake me up when I have a reason to care.

I want #2, too, Slim! Might actually watch the races instead of just turning on a couple of scanners...

Anyway this "Boys have at it" thing has gone way way too far. We know this because somebody's in the hospital. AGAIN. NASCAR needs a culture change. Fights after a race, whatever. Those can be amusing. On-track retaliation? After that long? That's just asking to get somebody killed. The "NOW THAT’S RACIN!" crowd needs to just can it already.


I love NASCAR's post-race fights; about 30 crew members engulf the action so you can't see any of it and 4 seconds later it's over. They're like Formula 1 pit stops.


The team orders situations in F1 is making a lot of drivers unhappy, not just the top dogs:

There's also an interesting story about Silverstone 2011 race:

Basicly, Webber was told not to race Vettel, but did anyways... only difference, he didn't succeed in passing Vettel.


Webber out drove Vettel all race long. The only reason he could make the pass was because Webber turned down his engine mapping to save fuel, avoid undue wear on his engine, and save the tires in case of any late rush by Hamilton or Rosberg. The team boss asked BOTH drivers to to do this; Webber complied and Vettel did not.

Vettel did not "race" his way to a win, he stole it like a common thief.

Ted Wolfram

The TV overnights are in and they are DOWN 15% from 1.3 last year to 1.1 this. Fascinating...Danica has almost as many people following her on Twitter, and when combined with those following her on Facebook she has more people following her than WATCHED the race from St.Pete!!

This after a supposedly “great racing season”, and an American Champion (who unfortunately has less than 30,000 followers on Twitter) and having supposedly the best drivers in the least in the minds of those in what is WRONG?

I have listened to the arguments that, “If we are just patient things will work out...we’ll learn to love an UGLY, over designed piece of crap, with engines that cost way too much to lease, driven by the NEW and more talented drivers, (we have one rookie and even the most ardent fan can’t pronounce his name), and Simona (who is a talented driver) will bring all the little girls back”. Sure she will!!! Check to see where the best open wheel driver is? Kyle Larson is a coming star, and already a contender...he won a sprint car race on Friday the night before he raced in the Nationwide race. And he is destined to become a super star NASCAR....And he is not the only one.

And what are we told:

Sato driving for AJ will be mind boggling , and and so driving for this or that team...will bring in new young fans. RB brought at least 12 new fans last year...and they were all Brazilians. Rahal driving for Daddy will be great!!!, and TK will help Simona.....(let’s be real TK can’t set up a wheel barrow...think Indy a few years ago)...TK can drive but he is getting old, but to listen to Mike King (who is a God awful announcer), TK is SUPER , and only needs some luck. And what is ACTUALLY happening..........fewer an fewer people are watching IndyCar and even fewer care!

Everything that racing fans has been told over the last 10 years is pure horse crap!!

You can’t have a product worth $100 and sell it for $1000.....sponsors have to be thrilled with the crowds, and even more so with the TV ratings.

If open wheel is to survive in the US......and that is far from is time for MAJOR changes.

The idea that we can wait till 2015-2017 is beyond belief.

Oh, we’ll get the taxing authority to put in $81 million, and all will be well....sure it will!

Check how ticket sales are going for the Indy 500....and they are talking raising ticket prices?


Where are you getting this rating info, Ted? I think you are looking at 2012 numbers when the race was on ABC. A 1.1 on NBCSN would be E-NORMOUS.

Ted Wolfram

Yes, I was WRONG...even though the email to me said it was for 2013...I should have checked. A 1.1 on NBC Sports would be GOOD news, and God knows we need it.


You can file the Fontana race under "that's just NASCAR being NASCAR", but the F1 case will require "professional" intervention from the likes of Dr. Phil. The emotional carnage from failure to follow team orders is just devastating. Oh the humanity!


Done the same thing myself, Ted. I googled ratings a while ago and the story from 2012 popped right up. I had a tweet half composed when I said "wait a second ..."

Chris Lukens

The one question I had from Sundays race, which I hope someone here can answer, is what does the rule book say about continuing to race with missing bodywork, especially bodywork that is supposed to be a safety feature.


Did anyone else notice the cue cards for Hinch in Victory Lane to make sure he thanked Mr. Parsons, Go-Daddy, etc.? Is this common and usually hidden from view? Perhaps Hinch's team knew that it would be an emotional win in Lionheart's car and just didn't want him to miss out thanking all of the sponsors. Actually I think it's a great idea but I have never noticed it before.


I heard the booth guys say Power had to have both mirrors to race. I remember last year someone had to pit and they had to duct tape a mirror on his car because he was missing one. As for the rear guards, you can race without them if they get bashed off.



The cue card thing is fairly common. It just typically doesn't make it on to camera. The people that work in sponsor relations for the teams typically safe guard against the driver omitting a key sponsor or person.


"Did anyone else notice the cue cards for Hinch in Victory Lane to make sure he thanked Mr. Parsons, Go-Daddy, etc.? "

No It isn't common to use cue cards--good grief. I never heard of cue cards used in auto racing interviews all my yrs of watching? Its not a Grammy or an Oscar--how hard is it to thank your sponsors and the team etc--doesn't require cue cards that's for sure. Just shows the driver isn't very good at doing interviews i'd guess and needs help to do so--Oh well.

Scenario apparently with PR persons advice-- "Ok (insert name here) if you win look at the camera, speak clearly into the microphone and read whats on the cue cards to thank, your team, sponsors, family and the fans etc, and try and sound sincere and humble and appreciative and some tears of joy would be a nice touch, and try and make it sound natural"

Sound about right--NOT hardly-- not for the majority of drivers anyway? A small part of what the GP wants in a driver is to be honest and natural but realistic and not a phony and those are the drivers who are popular over the others who sound like a scripted pet rock doing interviews. Its all part of the picture but some are just better at it naturally, then others and its tough to teach THAT and its really hard to fool the GP or even the fans>

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