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April 10, 2013


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Ted Wolfram

Even worse than the first numbers!

Please someone with half a brain....make massive changes....if it takes bankrupting IRL or selling it or spinning it it!

Bring back a "junk formula" if necessary.

Open up the formula...any engine that fits a HP level...and ANY chassis with safety cell that is approved...and set a cost effective limit!

Keep doing the same thing. over, and over since 2003 HAS FAILED!

Time for major changes??? Agree??


But you said last year it was 0.25 ??


G. Here's why I think there's a discrepancy. Two kinds of TV ratings. 1: "US household rating." That measures the numbers of households out of every household in the U.S. that was tuned to the programming. 2: "Coverage rating." That measures the number of households that are tuned in compared to the number capable of viewing the programming. Cable/satellite-only networks like ESPN use coverage ratings a lot because not all households can receive cable/satellite-only programs. Households that get only over-the-air programming aren't counted.

Info I have says the "rating" for Barber in 2012 was 0.25, but, based on Jenna's tweet which specifically says "U.S. households" I suspect the 0.25 was a coverage rating. I have no idea what the coverage rating was for Barber 2013, probably about flat at 0.25 based on the household number.

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