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April 30, 2013


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The Speedgeek

Nice. Where is the "Like" button around here?

Spencer Frady

This is great news. I remember her qualifying run at Indy on a day with threatening skies. She got out of the car and did a rain dance. Hopefully, she does well this year.


Glad to see she has a ride for the 500 but with this team its a lost cause as indy is all about speed and the guts to hold it flat, and this team probably isn't going to have much speed--Oh well? I do like Pippa though and I believe on ovals she has all the other females beat hands down if the car has enough speed in it that is? Good luck to her & only time will tell.

Regarding Indy, with this race well see the Penske and Ganassi teams shine I believe as between them they have lots of previous 500 winners.

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