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April 29, 2013


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Richmond was a snooze-fest follow the leader parade until the last 30 laps maybe and of course the last restart definitely was exciting. However--isn't the entire race supposed to be exciting--well it wasn't-- and neither are most of them.

You are right-- most these races are way to long and boring because of that, and why I wont go to a race and sit for hrs watching one car take off and start lapping the field until Nascar finds a reason, real or not, to throw a caution to try and get somebody actually racing.

Heres my thoughts not that they matter--run 4-5 heat races dividing the 43 cars for say 25 laps each, then the top 3 drivers from each heat race run 25 or so laps for the win? Either that or just shorten the races to maybe 100 miles on these short tracks less then a mile and 200 miles on the rest so as not to be so boring--just my thoughts. The facts are there is no real racing until the last 20-30 laps anyway on most the tracks with few exceptions, so why bother? Iam impatient and cant sit through an entire race even on TV as I turned it on for 20 laps or so then went shopping and came back and watched the last 50 or so laps and that was enough. Congrads to Harvick slipping through for the win.

I loved (not hardly) how they bragged about Montoya and his first top 5 in 2 yrs and only 2 wins on RC in his entire Nascar career. Yet we know other drivers are highly criticized for not winning or getting top 5's in way less time in their nascar career. Way to go Nascar,& the media showing your A-S-S again and Double standards of how some male drivers results or lack of, are considered fine, while for others with far less experience, expectations are un-realistic as nothing is good enough.

Far as the Delta Wing, I say quit worrying about what the cars look like as it doesn't help the racing, and Indycar and its lack of viewers is proof of that.

Ted Wolfram

I wanted from the day I first saw the Delta Wing and talked Ben Bowlby for the ICONIC to allow one or two Delta Wings try to qualify for the "500". No one with any sense wants a full field of them....Heck I don't want to see a full field of DW12's or anything else for that matter.

As far as the length of races...I would prefer to have most Sprint Car races 300 miles, or on less than mile tracks just a few more...say 50 more laps not miles.

The Richmond race had a fascinating ending, I said at the time.."Stay out Juan", if you do the next perhaps 6 would stay out with you, and being on the inside and the cars with new skins back probably 3 rows...I think his chance to win or finish second would have been quite good...but we'll never know and isn't that what racing is all about?


Really looking forward to your interview with Katherine.


Ted, I just can't get behind shortening Sprint Cup racing down to 300 miles. If people want to watch a 300 mile race there are the Nationwide races.

The endurance nature of Sprint Cup races are essential to the series in my opinion. I love that the Sprint Cup series punishes drivers that lack the discipline to keep it together for 400-500 miles/laps. All kinds of strategy plays out because of the increased length and especially the increased number of pitstops that just doesn't happen in the shorter Nationwide races. Cars that don't qualify well or ahve an early issue have the time not only to work their way back not just to the top 10, but back to contention for the win. The Nationwide races are far too often just a sprint by the top qualifying cars. I value the lower correlation between where a driver qualifies and where he finishes in Cup racing

The easy thing is to say they should be shorter, and in races Nascar has been right to shorten the race some although not as dramatically as dropped down to Nationwide length. But I don't think people really take the time to think about what would be lost by shortening the races dramatically.

Racecar Bob

Delta Wings have been crashed out of both races they have been in because other drivers didn't see them. The crash at Road Atlanta was double scary because of the way the car flipped at high speed. Other drivers can't tell where the car is because its nose is only two feet wide, and the wide rear end is out of sight. I think it will be difficult for a Delta Wing driver to see if a hole is wide enough without the front wheels to act as a gauge. In my opinion the Delta Wing is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist, and sets everyone up for a great big crash. I ran an SCCA race weekend in my GTI once with spec racers in our run group, and I couldn't see anything but the top two inches of their roll bars, and that was scary too.

Ted Wolfram

Scott, well stated and your position makes sense...!! My concern is to keep eyes on the tube and butts in the seats.

For me....I love racing so the length means nothing!

H.B. Donnelly

Bob, the same 911 that took out the Deltawing in Petit Le Mans practice also ran down a "traditional" prototype car during the race. That was more a situation of a less-experienced driver not having any spatial awareness on the track.

Still, I could see a situation where another car drifts into the space beside the nose/cockpit as the cars are approaching a turn, similar to the way open-wheelers interlock wheels. Still, I think the other drivers need to be professional enough to know where the Deltawing is and how much space they have to give.

As for NASCAR races...I get a lot of other work done during the balance of a typical event, but I still find ways to enjoy it (watching road racing helps one appreciate the fuel and tire-saving). I say if people want shorter races featuring front-engined V8 monsters, they should come join you at Knoxville for a 410 event.

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