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April 06, 2013


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Mike R

Good insights, Pressdog. Honestly hadn't considered the inversion of the 'skin' game until you put it out there like that. Very valid point(s).
I'm guilty as charged regarding the Simona/Danica thing...shame on me. Enlightening to hear Simona views Danica that way.
Agree completely about the...well, what...inconsistencies in Smoke's views about the wrong of what happened to him versus the 'okay' of the matter with Hamlin. I, too, thought the 22/11 wreck was a "racin' deal". I thought Logano's block of Smoke was, too. The only thing that wrankled me was the (and yes, I know he didn't know about the injuries at the time) "He got what he deserved" line. No concern for his well-being was kinda harsh, imo.
I really enjoyed this read, 'dog. Even after just getting home from a 16-hour shift this morning, ready to crash but couldn't stop reading it.


Wrecking a car on purpose--on any track--is ridiculous. But Nascar knows which side it's bread is buttered on, so it will continue. And breed fighting, which breeds publicity and ratings. So the wrecking and "fighting" will no doubt continue. For people who like that sort of thing.


Speaking of PR, noticed that the Mythbusters will be incorporating IndyCar into a racing myth in there upcoming set of new shows (do driver really lose X pounds of water weight during a race?).

So GREAT FOR INDYCAR, but wait, the featured driver: No longer IndyCar driver Ryan Briscoe. Oh well.

Ted Wolfram

I've waited to respond just to see how may people would make a comment (3), and only (1) concerning Simona's approach to sponsors and "skin".

I believe her advisors are making a big mistake...not that she won't show "skin", but that to attempt to belittle Danica for her choice of sponsors. Danica has Go Daddy (as does Hinch) and they DO have a sexy edge, but Tissot, Peak, and COPD and all the rest.....don't.

But since only one of your readers even commenting...I guess it is a none event..or as my Mom used to say..."It is a tempest in a tea pot"!

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