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April 15, 2013


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Ron Ford

I'm convinced that you threw in the Guardian blurb just to showcase the word "ennui". Is that something you serve with Grey Poupon?

IMHO the yellow at Texas with 20 laps to go was totally bogus. A hot dog wrapper at most. It probably cost Truex Jr. the race.

Re: Belt buckles. All buckle and no cattle as actual cowboys say. (You might wish to check out the "Belt Buckle" song by that little Canadian country gal Kendel Carson) She's definitely Sidepod worthy!

OK, back to real life.

Chris Lukens

In F1 we have “Tyre managment”, in Nascar we have “Tar mang-ment”. With the blending of F1 & Nascar, I can’t wait to hear David Hobbs or Steve Machett screaming “Boogity-Boogity-Boogity.
Although, I am surprised that Danica can do so well at a big track like Daytona and then do badly at a big track like Texas.
Lastly, I watched the Nascar Trucks at “the Rock”. It makes me so glad that the owners have made sure that we don’t have to put up with a no-talent like Kyle Larson in the Indycar series. God-forbid, he might even have brought some fans with him. sarc/off


I don't think that F1 needs to completely re-think the tire format that they use to generate more team strategy. It just seems that Pirelli dialed up the tire "deg" knob on the black donut machines a little too much for the tires at this race. Since Bahrain is this coming weekend, though, It will be interesting to see what they have on their tire menu since they don't have time to bake up a whole new pile of race rubber with a different compound.

Audi in IndyCar would definitely be good news. They are serious about racing. They bought Ducati last year and reorganized the MotoGP organizational structure for this season (not that it seemed to help in the season opener last week, though). And, they threw a lot of money at the Ducati Island exhibit area at IMS for the Indy MotoGP race last year. For example, their spokesmodels were particularly uber-licious (that's German for "out of my league").


The whole NASCAR "debris yellow" is a total farce. It seems every NASCAR race is artificial due to these. You can count on them to throw a yellow somewhere within 20 laps of the finish just to bunch everyone up and give the pit crews the chance to determine the outcome. In the case Saturday night--it actually came down to whomever had the most favorable pit position. It makes a joke of the actual racing. It reminds me of the old Roller Derby events I watched as a kid 50 years ago...practically all staged. It's unfortunate....

Ron Ford

With regard to Chris Lukens post re: Tyres vs Tars: I was in west Texas a long time ago when gas stations had attendents. The attendent said to me "Kin I air up them tars for ya mister?" I had no idea what he was talking about.


Welcome to the 21st century of racing folks. EVERY series has common tires, chasis sizes, templates in NASCAR, wing limitations, restricted engineering of engines, etc, etc.; how else are you going to interject interest in the racing?

All the monied teams run at the front (regardless of series) everyone else is a rolling chicane.

For what it's worth the F1 folks have at least introduced some technology aspects to their racing (KERS and DRS) not to mention the ultra degradable tires which forces some strategic decisions.

The Speedgeek

When I read stuff like the thing from the Guardian above, all that comes to mind are the words of the Great Jeff Lebowski: "That's just, like, your" I think F1 is pretty damned interesting these days. Yeah, it's taken some pretty minor contrivances: the tire thing, DRS (which is really just a work around for the aerodynamic wash from the leading car preventing the car behind even getting close enough to attempt a pass), but it's one of those "the rules are the same for everybody" things. I feel like I'm usualy one of the purest of the purists, but I'm just not all that bothered by that stuff. The show is great.

True, the monied teams run up front, but hasn't it been ever thus? To my knowledge, in the history of major auto racing (F1, IndyCar, NASCAR Cup, WRC, LeMans and its associated sports car series, I'd bet that the teams that are in the top 25% of team budget hierarchy have probably won 75% of the races. However, even with current day F1, you still get stuff like Nico Hulkenberg in a relatively minnow-esque Sauber leading for a while and running right with the Ferraris and Red Bulls, the Force Indias figure into the top-10 more often than not, a Daniel Ricciardo can have an isolated good day and score a top-10, heck, even Pastor Maldonado can go out of his mind for one weekend and win a race. And as long as it's not a total snoozer up front (it rarely is in current F1), isn't that what it's all about?

Savage Henry

Not only was the debris caution BS on Saturday night, but there was another BS yellow towards the end of the race. In the middle of the race one of the Busch boys lost the back end and washed up the track and white-walled the right-rear. No harm done so race on - no yellow. However towards the end of the race another driver (can't remember who) did the exact same thing and it resulted in an inexplicably long yellow. What was the difference? I think the field was strung out coming to the closing laps and they were dying to use that yellow flag.

Regarding F1, I think they've gone too far with these tissue-paper tires. It has taken over the race and tire management has eliminated much of the racing. I don't mind minor gimmicks to help the show, but in Malaysia the top 4 cars were instructed to stop racing with 1/3 of the race to go! Even in China, 6 laps until the tire is swiss cheese is ridiculous.

I'd rather see the drivers pushing 100% lights to flag.


I think that the alternate tire rule hasn't gone far enough in F1. I think Pirelli is headed in the right direction with making several different types of tires. I think Pirelli needs to show up with two sets of everthing for each team and let them choose which type to run when. That way drivers and cars who are easy on the tires, Button and the Lotus cars, can use softer tires, while other teams/drivers can go the other way.


First off Larson is something else isn't he, what a great driver. Wonder--is that born & bred or made by tons of practice growing up or just natural ability that cant be explained?

Also Daytona vs Texas, NOT even close to the same as Daytona is one of a kind just fairly easy and fast and doesn't require much, but holding it flat, not even like Dega really. Texas has the high banks but then flattens out scary fast with big bumps etc and that requires a different feel and setup in the cars and SHR is behind on the new car setup as the great owner Tony S is struggling and has said as much. Also Cup drivers asked and said NO tracks are ever the same just because they seem that way, banking, flats, the old pavement vs the new and yes the bumps-- all play a factor.

Danica is struggling on these tougher tracks that require car setup as that isn't so much with the fast and some say easy Daytona and Martinsville well---that's said to be a road course track without the right hand turns and once she got into that road course style even though it was an oval, she was fine. We can see she isn't happy like her bad qualifying as its showing now and its only a matter of time if they cant get her a car she can drive, how long before she shows her temper like she has done before as she was close to doing so at Texas after the bad Q run with that short interview. Some say she wont last much longer despite the 2 yr contract supposedly for SHR but I say she may not last when she's had enough of driving this crap car or realizes she just cant get it? The good is--she doesn't need Nascar anyway as she already has money and other offers to drive elsewhere as well, so well see, but she often does have great results where we least expect them. Long as she doesn't fail to qualify for a race she'll be fine but if she ever doesn't qualify then its downhill after that, but she has good points for the last 6 spots to get her in for the most part given a weird Q day where higher points drivers fail to make the race on speed. The seasons just getting going so some bad then good, but some good was great and that's what counts more.


Debris Cautions: I have a source who has been involved in NASCAR broadcasts who has assured me that some debris cautions are in fact contrived. That said, this source also provided this disclaimer: If you ever tell anyone I said that I will deny it. Well, call the papers because I never break my trust with friends and besides....who would believe me anyway...:) Great read PDog!


I really can't comment too much on NASCAR, since I really don't care that much for it. I will say that it wouldn't surprise me at all if some-if not all-of these "debris" cautions are intended to try to create some drama in racing which is not always dramatic. I just wish NASCAR would come out and admit it as opposed to getting defensive and objecting if someone brings it up. However, I have found that people are most defensive when someone says something CORRECT about them that they don't want to admit. I'll leave it at that.

INDYCAR and Audi.: If I could say anything to Jeff Belskus and Mark Miles, it would be this: Do whatever it takes to get Audi into INDYCAR.

F1. I remember back in the day when F1 races were won by more than a minute-in the 1970's in particular with no pit stops unless the car had a problem-so I LOVE the current F1 racing. As to those who say it's "gimmicky"; people said the same things when the ABA introduced the 3-point shot to basketball in the 1960's. Now, no one thinks anything of it. Passing was considered a "gimmick" in football in the early years; other "gimmicks": blitzing, mobile quarterbacks, the West Coast Offense, two point conversions, etc. After the-mostly unnecessary and illogical-angst and whining and complaining subsided, these sports-and other sports where "gimmicks" abound"-have become better for these changes. That is how I feel about F1. This is entertainment, and the F1 races are more entertaining now than I've ever seen them. So is INDYCAR. Expect NASCAR-if they haven't already-to ask-demand, order, whatever phrase one wishes to use-Goodyear to do the same with their tires. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see alternate tires at NASCAR road course events. And of course, NASCAR and it's fawning media partners will take credit for this and no one will challenge any statement to the contrary.

Finally, psp. Producing exactly what any reasonable person expects from her. She has never been, is not and never will be, anything other than a blind squirrel who occasionally finds an acorn. And when she does, she will be hyped by a fawning, ignorant media and fans as the next Michael Schumacher. Thankfully, not everyone drinks the Kool-Aid.


After finally reading the article in The Guardian, something called life got in the way the first two times; there is only one conclusion. The Guardian's polite left-wing trash of the "elitist" sport of F1 produced one really quotable paragraph and one really bad column.


@ Speedgeek:
Maybe my support of F1 did not register clearly regarding F1. Everything they've done adds interest to the outcome of races. I support the current regs and eagerly anticipate next year's changes as they only make it more interesting (hopefully).

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