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May 06, 2013


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I enjoyed seeing mutliple passes for the lead at a street course. Seeing Hinch win was cool, although I was a little disappointed for Newgarden. I don't really know how I feel about Sato. I like him more this year than ever, and that's probably because A. he drives for Foyt and B. he hasn't hit as many people. On the other hand the blocking really isn't cool, especially as he's making a habit of it. The cautions were kind of long, but they also kept the racing close.


When Sato made those moves I thought they should penalize him, however after seeing how the race played out, I think it was a good non call. I would rather see the drivers fight it out on the track instead of Beaux making a decision. Bring on the Indy 500!!


Terrific accounting PDog!! Has there been a better street race in the last... well... ever?? I'm ok with BField's calls. This is real, non-pansy, racing. I don't think you can go much further with the swervishness, but I say, start 'em up and let 'em race! Taku leading the points and young Marco in 2nd? AWESOME. That was great television racing entertainment... now if only there had been more than 45 of watching. Just thinking the walk way along the back of the suites over-looking AJ's garage will be more packed than ever on race morning this year!! Nothing better than seeing AJ on race morning with a Krispy Kreme in one hand and a screwdriver in the other scowling at the Honda engine nerds. "Come on... warm that sum bitch up." Thanks PDog. maybe I'll see you at Indy!


When the death star implodes the racing becomes fun and interesting again.

I'm quite enjoying having the red cars at the back of the pack. Hope they stay there!


Good Stuff PDog! I have not had that much fun watching a race in a long time. Thanks again!

Tom G.

SQUEEE!!!! That was fun. More please sir.

NBC really stepped up their game from last week. Having Beekhuis back in the booth, and Wally gone was a positive step.

and the Target twins whining about blocking when they finished 7th & 18th is just icing on the cake.


Ok get ready for my take--Well well looks like the fix was in again--Ok joking or maybe not as the odds of none of the Penske or Ganassi cars being in contention for the win week after week, you have to admit-- its strange? Maybe they think letting this once famous green car win again will get them some attention--but it wont as this driver in the Green car isnt the popular one and is basically a nobody with mainstream America other then what Indycar begs & pays them to cover--no offense to HInch--just how it is. Check his twitter followers as how few he has which says it all nowdays as it does show how much or how little the mainstream GP really cares about him or this Indycar series. Oh well--Iam sure indycar is working on it so he can win the 500 as well--but truthfully it wont help either as--no one or certainly not enough of mainstream America really cares. I doubt that Penske or Ganassi is going to lay back on the 500 upcoming with their winning history there.

BTW Godaddy says congrads to Hinch on their home page but no picture of him this time so says it all as to his value to them, as they've learned there lesson in that area. It is a contract yr so keep trying AA and Indycar, but if a sponsor cant get a return on their investment they don't usually stick around and its well known Godaddy gets nothing from Hinch--too bad but true-- Course Parsons likes the 500 so?? Godaddy reportedly has or had a commercial coming with Hinch for the upcoming 500 that they reportedly added Danica in it to make sure they get some attention for that at least.

BTW--yes--for those who don't know me, while I have been a casual to good fan of Indycar for 40 yrs or so, I don't like where it is now or what it has become a joke of a series in my opinion. Iam also an anti AA fan as seeing what a garbage mouth the owner is and has been for a long time as he is simply as greedy as he is a loser with no class in my opinion. I wouldn't put anything past him or Indycar but the joke is on them as they apparently aren't smart enough even now to realize you cant promote, market or buy mainstream popularity as the mainstream GP isn't stupid as they choose to like and support who they want and to ignore who or what they don't want. Its also funny no-one in Indycar has figured this out yet, but its funny watching them try--have to admit that.

Notice--where has all the real great racing gone as those here who think these Indycar races are great, i have to say you really have low expectations as to what is great in my opinion--but enjoy.

John S

Happy Anny, P'Dog.

The Speedgeek

Thanks for stopping by with your usual comments, vern. Wash, rinse, repeat, right? If the only reason that I thought that São Paulo as great is because I have ridiculously low standards, then so be it. I don't know what freaking holier than thou standards you must have to look down your nose at all of us for enjoying what we do (in this case, a race that's been universally hailed as one of the greats), but I honestly have no idea why you keep coming here and commenting on something you obviously can see no redeeming value to. And inserting Danica into the conversation, about four times up there? For real? Who was even saying anything about her? What's your deal, dude?

Marty J in Des Moines

Just for a minute, let's pretend Taku wins. But then is found to have blocked by race control. I'm not gonna call AJ. You call AJ.

The Speedgeek

Great race, great season afoot. Good times.

Thanks for your thoughts, vern. You're an all-star.


I wonder if vern is the same guy who posts as racer1 on Trackforum? Similar contempt for grammar and syntax, similar love affair with run-on sentences, and the same interminable bashing of anyone he seems to see as competition for Danica.

Eric Karashinski

Great finish Sunday. Oriol had a nice run again. It's awful knowing that Indy may be the end for him. Puzzeled as to how he runs three different liveries/sponsors, yet none of them are willing to pony up to keep him running?

Mike R

Great race (as we all know)...and the finish was perfect (imo) as Sato's defensive moves (aka blocking) didn't pay off with a win.
I have liked Taku, and was really happy to see him win in LB...felt like an overdue type of thing. But now, with the moves he made against JoeNew and Hinch to try to keep 'em back...his stock went down.
Defending your line is one thing. Nearly putting a guy in the wall is something else, which was the case with both Josef and Hinch when they made moves to pass.
While I (grudgingly) agree that in the end it was best that he didn't get penalized, if (big IF there) I were Beau, Taku and I would be having a talk, and he'd surely be on probation (double hawk-eye watch) for the next few races related to how he responds to pass attempts.
In the end, though, it would have been hard to have a more exciting race and dramatic finish. Good stuff overall.


Your race notes are often the highlight of my day, and this week was no exception. Even if I disagree, I always enjoy reading them. Thanks for another great post, and congratulations on your 8th anniversary!


How many of your readers would know who Miron Florin was, or Lawrence Welk for that matter, without Googling their names? Well played.

No regrets missing one of the best races of the year as your notes tell it all! Couldn't agree more with your take on the blocking as well as Beaux's non call.

Happy anniversary, glad you're hanging in there with the site, lot's of us would be at a loss without your take on things.

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