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May 28, 2013


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Thanks Bill. It's always nice to get filled in on some of the missing pieces. Turn one is always exciting and this year it was uber-exciting! The race just keeps getting better. I've gone to Indy for 50 years now and have seen over 25 races (and tons of time trials). This year's competition was as good as I've ever seen. Tony! Triple Crown!


Jenna fryer reports a overnight ratings of 3.8 only so it is what it is regardless. Even throwing in AJ as a possible boost to ratings didn't work, course why should it since he is a druggy who lost his nascar ride and has nothing else to do. Have to say dont care for TK but glad to see it wasn't an Andretti win. Carpenter of course would have been the best case scenario to win but not to be. Looks like Penske is losing it as a dominate Indycar team. I feel bad for Dario as he is clearly lost but most expect him to retire after this yr--too bad if true?

Also Pressdog close your eyes as you may not like this comment about your pressdog gals. For all the Danica naysayers, facts are all the other females in Indycar might as well stay home as none are close to being competitive in this or any other 500--says it all doesnt it? Had to say it--oh well.

Chris Lukens

What a great race. It has been a while since I had such an array of drivers to cheer for; TK, Ed, Helio, Marco, Hinch, Newgarden. I would have been happy to see anyone in that group win, but TK had them covered, he had the best car and he hung around the top 5 all race long, and the story about the “Good luck charm” is an instant classic. I was also cheering for Buddy Lazier, Kat, & Simona; I knew they wouldn’t win but wanted them to do well.

But, I just HAVE to comment on the ABC coverage. I’m tempted to say the booth just mailed it in, but I’m not sure that’s what happened. It seemed to me that even though they were right there at the track, the only things that they knew were happening was what they saw on the monitor in front of them, or what a producer was telling them in their ear ( which seemed to be nothing). They could not convey the flow or the drama of the race that was happening right before their eyes. They could have done the same job from a studio in Connecticut.

The coverage was better than some of their past performances but it was still crap


Scott Goodyear and Eddie Cheever are the worst


Hate to say it, if there wasn't that last caution Munoz the rookie would have inhaled TK on the last lap and won. Munoz drove a hell of a race for a rookie, and only 21 at that!

Very happy for TK! Great driver, great guy with a great sense of humor RE; his ugly face/nose on the Borg-Warner comment.


GeorgeK, in the post-race interview, TK said that he would've taught the rookie a thing or two in the last two lap showdown. I doubt that he'd of gotten by Tony. Blocking? OF COURSE!

Vern, get real dude. Were you even at the race?


"Vern, get real dude. Were you even at the race?"

Not sure what points you are confused by but I saw the race and the results is all that counts in the end so my comments stand on their own merits via the finishing order other then to say great run by the rookie Munoz. Facts are it doesn't matter who is racing great on what laps as the finish is all that counts other then the prestige of winning the Pole of course and Carpenter did that.

I will admit the race was pretty good in the fact there were lots of lead changes and it came down to the final laps. However, as we are seeing in the press, NO one likes a finish and win under caution. Course we can say the same about wins from a rain delay or fuel mileage race as well as most fans feel cheated out of a real racing win. However--IF--the race had restarted or had the Nascar GWC which some are suggesting as well, it would've made for a better & more credible finish even if it had the same winner--just saying?

Bottom line is its Indycar and its best most popular yrs are long over despite new cars, new engines and drivers like AJ thrown in the mix to draw more interest that apparently didn't work as no one cares or not enough anyway? Add to the fact if AJ had won it would make Indycar look pretty weak and easy--now wouldn't it? Iam surprised the "powers at be" in Indycar cant see that, course these one-offs or PT drivers from another series like AJ arent really expected to win anyway, just there to attract more mainstream attention which apparently didnt work anyway? Keep trying Iam sure?

Bottom line--It is what it is, as Ive said--it was a pretty good race but you cant make the GP like something they have little or no interest in. If Indycar and their fans are happy then its all good, and as Ive said before, long as the sponsors tolerate the low ratings--enjoy.

Brian McKay in Florida

ABC Sports was terrible.


I hear ya Ramblinmanb, I also heard TK's comments. The dangerous thing about rookies is they sometimes don't know better, when to back off that is. Regardless we were deprived of a potentially great fight to the finish.

Still glad TK won regardless of the circumstances.


A feel good finish.

However I also feel for RHR who, along with Kanaan and Munoz KNEW he was dead meat on the final restart.

I also feel for Munoz who would have won after the next restart despite Kanaan's bravado.

Is drafting the way champions will be decided from now on?

PT however, did the Canadian colour commentary and NEVER referred to himself as a past Indy 500 winner (which he IS). And NEVER referred to Helio as only a 2 time winner (which he IS). A CLASS guy and great commentary. Too bad you couldn't see it.

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