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May 13, 2013


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Nice summary 'Dog, thanks.

Hambone's "I can't drive any slower" will rank alongside Kimi's 2012 "Leave me alone I know what I'm doing" all time great team radio transmissions.

Amazing how Ferrari and Lotus can set up a chassis to make the most of the tires available and other teams screw the pooch. And the pooch screwers complain it's the tires fault. Yeah you Red Bull, in particular.


Regarding Kimi going to Red Bull, never happens as long as Vettel is the fair haired team boy. And with three titles in hand why wouldn't he be?

Same reason he wouldn't go to Ferrari, Alonso is Da Man. If he wins the title this year I suspect Lotus will be able to pony up the cash to retain him.

The Speedgeek

"If you like road and street racing, cue the DVR or get up early to watch F1. It’s the best in the world, and this year it’s far more than a parade of multi-million-dollar, made-from-scratch cars."

In short: #NailedIt.


Whoops, P-Dog, your link to the BBC "tyre" story's got an ending space in it. Browsers are interpreting that space as a "%20" character and are throwing errors.

Now, substance: I actually don't see Kimi going to Red Bull either; why go be #2 when he's been an Alpha Dog for so many other teams now?

Also: Folks aren't paying that much attention to Massa, but the guy's putting up some solid points. I never really warmed to him at all, but he's been far from being some schlub driver.


Thanks for the tip, EMH. I fixed the link. Appreciate all the comments ...


Great point on Felipe EMH, every team needs a solid #2 to win the constructor's title, or win races when the Alpha Dog has a car failure.


On the BBC coverage of Friday's practice the announcers were talking about the tire situation and how Pirelli had brought a new black side walled tire to Spain for the drivers to test it.

Pirelli can't test their tires without the teams doing it and the teams aren't allowed to test. Hmnnnnnnnnn.

So during practice the cars wouldn't test the new tire because they had so little time to work on qualifying & race setups.

The announcers (Coulthard & all) made the point that you can't bitch about the tires Pirelli supply if you're not going to help them figure out the problems.

A classic catch-22.

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