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June 24, 2013


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Gurney Eagle

How about making this race 300 laps next year? It would still be run in less than two hours.


Thanks for the recap. Great racing in the front of the field. I agree, 300 laps would be great, oh and move it back to a night race.
Good crowd but a bit disapointed as attendance has fallen off from last year.

Chris Lukens

I’d be curious to know what happened to Ana Beatriz’s engine.

I’ve been as hard on the ABC booth as anybody ( maybe more ), and maybe this is damning with faint praise but this weekend I think they did step it up. The mid season report started off really stilted and they both seemed to be suffering from that well placed stick, but as it went on they started to loosen up. By the end they seemed to be actually interacting with other and not reading from a script. Goodyear was actually laughing. When the race started I felt like they were actually calling the race instead of just commenting on what was on the monitor in front of them. They did a good job of covering the racing in the middle of the pack.

I thought it was a really great race. As exciting as it was, as much action as there was, I had to remind myself that the Mayor of Hinchtown basically lead for the entire race.

No Indycars this weekend so I’m off to PPIR for the USAC Midget and Silvercrown races.


Yes, this race at night is much cooler (in every way). Running on Saturday night means we can't jet down to Knoxville to catch the sprinters, but ya can't have everything.


Boring parade. I thought these new cars were supposed to even the field but looks like chevy is clearly dominant and Honda might as well go back to Japan as they are embarrassing for the most part. Penske should be ashamed as well with their lousy performance and people are talking about that for sure. Indycar only has maybe half the field if that, that can actually win a race with few exceptions. Any race where no one challenges for the lead for all those laps is a parade plain and simple as a caution and restart near the end might have made this race exciting but then again maybe not.

While Nascar has those parade races as well, at least in Nascar with 30-or so to go or at some point, things get very active and the crashfests often happen which lends a little excitement to the otherwise boring race. Then there is often cautions in Nascar to tighten the field as well making the racing better. Indycar of course cant bump & bang like Nascar so there aren't many wrecks to get cautions to tighten the field so not much excitement for most their races.

Also--If Indycar thinks that AA dominating as they appear to be, will help Indycar in any way drawing in new fans etc they are fooling themselves as the mainstream GP etc want to see under-dogs & small teams win. Course given the low ratings we might as well say what the heck it doesn't matter anyway?

Even J Johnson in Nascar is being booed these days for winning to much--just saying. People/fans want exciting races challenging for the lead multiple times and no one team dominating--end of story.


I'm not going to let negative comments about Indycar in Pressdog's comment section lure me in. I thought it was a very good race and congrats to Hinch. And how about RHR coming thru the field. That dude is a helluva racecar driver. Fan turnout at Iowa looked pretty good too. Thanks Pressdog for your blog.

Patrick Head

This weekend I attended this race for the first time. All I can say is if you like IndyCar racing on ovals, or just oval racing, or just IndyCar racing, or just racing --- This event is a MUST SEE to put in your bucket list. Holy Bat Shit are these cars awesome on this track.

There are virtually NO bad seats. Each and every turn is unique. There are truly two, if not three complete lines to be raced on. Even with the engine noise, you can hear when the tires "grip up".

Several drivers had wiggles, yet recovered. The best one I witnessed was by Ed (not being biased here). In the first quarter of the race, he went low in turn 4 for the first time, trying to make a pass, and the rear end of his car moved at least 6 inches to each side twice and he still caught it. AMAZING stuff, at least for this race fan.

Except for Hinch's complete domination at the lead (and congrats to him for his first oval win!!), the racing was phenomenal throughout the entire field.

The heat races were VERY cool, in this Saturday Night at the Races, Midwestern Open Wheel fan's opinion. It had the feel of watching a sprint car or midget car heat race format. Plus, it lets us fans just SEE MORE RACING action. The points bonus also gives the race fans something to be interested in, and the drivers incentive to actually race and not just punch the clock.

I have never seen an IndyCar race that evokes the old school form of American open wheel racing any better.

This is truly the very best race and most enjoyable race I have ever attended. I am not just saying IndyCar racing. I am saying ALL racing.

If I am so inclined (meaning I don't forget and don't get lazy), I will try to write an "experience report" like I did for the 2012 Barber race.

IndyCar at Iowa Motor Speedway ROCKS!!!

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