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June 17, 2013


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Pdog, if you hear of any drivers appearing in teh Des Moines area, could you post those here (since you are an insider)? Looking forward to the race this weekend!!

John S

Good work here, P'Dog.

Let's STOP with babies at the race track. NOTHING good comes from babies at a race track. Please.

Did Marco gain any points by coming back? We should get this analysis everytime someone comes back out.

Indy Cars are ugly and Jamie Little is not.


Loved the bit about Diffey momentarily losing his mind.

John S, I believe Marco moved from 22nd to 20th be returning to the race, thanks to mechanical woes for Bourdais and Vautier. This would give him 10 points vs. 8, or 12 points vs. 10 if counting his bonus points for pole and leading laps.

Chris Lukens

Absolutely terrific race. Absolutely terrific broadcast.
I rate it a 8+.

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Would have loved to see Buxton explode with joy if Taku had been able to stay up front in the last stint. The cross-pollination with the F1 crew was a nice touch. Can hardly believe Hobbo never attended a Milwaukee IndyCar between 93 and this weekend though? Maybe I misunderstood...surely there wasn't always an F1 race commentary scheduling conflict.

Ron Ford

I was at the race and absolutely loved the total experience. The festival like activities inside the track provided many things to see and do (and eat) for adults and children alike. The infield was absolutely packed before the race and many fans remained there after the race started.
Driver after driver stated how much they like racing here. (with the possible exception of Simona who looked pretty discouraged walking back to her trailer) Now,after eating too many cream puffs, it is on to corn country and pork chops on a stick.


Pork chops on a stick!?!?! I may have to rethink my retirement destination. Damn the winter weather, pork chops on a stick ahead!

Ron Ford

Just a quick note to "thatguy": David Hobbs has a Honda dealership in Milwaukee and lives here I believe. He has been one of the race sponsors since Andretti began promoting it. It would be hard for me to believe also that this was his first race experience at the mile. As an announcer, yes, probably.


I was there, as I usually am at Milwaukee. I haven't watched the broadcast yet. The experience was great, as always, but for the race itself, I think you nailed it, P-Dog. Not bad, not great. The first and last 30 laps were very lock-steppy, which put a bit of damper on the ending, but the middle 190 were pretty good, although I was at the opposite side of the track from all the spinning and walling action, as I usually am, and with no monitor, so I was a bit confused at times as to what was actually going on.

One thing I thought seemed different than in past years, but could have been my imagination, was how quick the field spread out. Within two laps of a restart, the leaders were half the track ahead of the backmarkers, and lapping them within five. I'm surprised there were still seven cars on the lead lap at the end.

Crowd looked pretty nice from what I could see. Not packed, certainly, but seemed noticeably larger than last year, with a bit more of a buzz than recent years.

I'm wondering if 250 laps is too many for a short track like Milwaukee? If the race comes back, I'd be intrigued if they explored some kind of Sat/Sun doubleheader like in Detroit. Of course, I know nothing of the logistics of such an undertaking, so I may be completely typing out of my butt.

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