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June 10, 2013


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Didn't watch much as you said--BORING--follow the leader most the race. However happy for Helio, always one of my favorites. Long as the AA team doesn't win--its all good although I sometimes feel sorry for Marco.

Well now for the good part--where's the great ratings for this race as after-all NO excuses now. ABC coverage and NO competition from Nascar NNS as it WAS rained out and ran Sunday morning.

Have to add since not much going on here and is related to race coverage. TNT now has the Cup series and have to say never saw such a garbage broadcast in my life as the TNT coverage at Pocono with their amateur hr announcers and idiot camera men. They missed lots of good action farther back in the field we never knew about without the ticker tape showing results of some drivers going forward or way back or even being wrecked and on pit road for repair till after the race we read about it--disgusting.

When Kyle Petty is involved with the coverage, you know its bad and the others aren't even Nascar experts as apparently TNT takes volunteers for the cheapest salaries they can find. You wouldn't know there were 43 drivers in that race as they only showed the top 10 or 12 most of the race including the pre show. Course the race itself was a snoozfest watching JJ lead & lap most the field till the amateur last half hr or so crashfests began of idiots wrecking themselves and others causing multiple cautions--but JJ still won easily and more boos for that--disgusting. Don't expect Nascar ratings to continues as reports say they are holding even so far this yr, but not for long with this garbage network TNT. Its kind of like NBCSN for Indycar--well--not that bad probably.

Seriously-- is there any real competitive racing series left on this planet? Cant wait for the NFL to start.


who could flame what u said... its all true... even kurt cavin indycars biggest cheerleader said the race was awful

Jeremy from Harrisburg

Fell asleep and missed the end of the race. I usually only do that when attempting to watch NASCAR.


No clown music for the show at the end when they cut to commercial and went side by side as Helio went Spidey at the finish line? Even Marco would have given the upward hand salute to ABC for that one...


Bad enough to have only five cars on the lead lap; but when you have Franchitti and Power amongst them, Wilson 2 laps down, and Rahal and Tags FIVE laps down there has to be something wrong other then these guys having a bad night.

Ted Wolfram

The only positive is the TV audience which was (overnights) 1,460,000+....but I am concerned that the "casual" fan won't be back after this "spec" car race. It was the ultimate managed race....fuel runs, coupled with tire degradation, and a dumbed up chassis made for a safe but boring race.


Lap 123 - Helio brake checks the field egregiously on the restart, Barfield warns him but does not wave off the restart. ABC misses this entirely.


Pruett wrote an article on how Helio cheated for the win, was caught, got a minor slap on the wrist and all is good now.

If Helio was hung from the fence at the start/finish line .... NOW we'd have some publicity!

Geez guys, a golden opportunity for publicity and it's swept under the rug ....... You guys just don't get Marketing do ya?


Pdog, so many of us silently consume your material and never thank you for it.

Here's a big thanks and mad props.

I gotta say: I live for the race notes. Can't wait to read your take on the race, and always good for a laugh or two along the way. Terrific and fun writing style, and you call 'em like you see 'em. Texas was an extremely boring race, and I too am normally an oval found who found myself thinking, "Belle Isle was more fun than this!"

Actually, your F1 notes got me interested in watching F1. I miss them. I am sure they were a lot of work, but they were also hilarious.

Anyhow, keep up the good work and keep the race notes coming. So many of us adore your work and never take the time to say thanks.

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