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June 20, 2013


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Looking forward to the race. I will be there both Saturday and Sunday!


So you're rooting for Danica to win at Iowa?
Dude, really........


SOCSeven ... Danica is racing at Sonoma, not Iowa.

The Speedgeek

Oh. Heartbreaking to be too far away to make it to Iowa this year...

'Dog #NailedIt with all of his suggestions/advice up there, but here are just a couple of mine. Lunch at Iowa Speedway: porkchop and a Leinie's Honey Weiss (not the Shandy, which I think is too wine cooler-y, but that's just me). Dinner at Iowa Speedway: another porkchop, sweet potato fries from the Machine Shed concession stand and another Leinie's Honey Weiss. Dessert at Iowa Speedway: most folks will say the nitrogen cooled ice cream, but I'm a another Leinie's Honey Weiss.

Seriously, though, Iowa Speedway rules, all the way around. Easy to park, helpful staff, reasonable prices (the $60 paddock passes are worth every dime, even if you can only use them for an hour or so), great race viewing. What more could you ask for? If you can possibly make it, go. 'Nuff said.


A most excellent amendment, Geek. You certainly are loyal to the Leinie's and chops. Admirable. I'll have one of both in your honor.


First off Pressdog--how much does Indycar pay you for PR as you're good at it, and apparently your allegiance is to Indycar rather then Nascar. However wearing your #7 Danica shirt in front of some Indycar jerks who are glad to see her gone wont get you many friends Iam sure? Glad to see your loyalty to her anyway and tell the whankers to shove it if they say anything and ask them where all the mainstream media & cameras are now that used to be there for her--that'll shut em up. Course all the unknown Indycar drivers are now getting to sign some autographs without Danica's long lines hogging all the attention and the cameras--so yeh Indycar is better now--that proves it? Oh yeh--check the average ratings while she was there and now she isn't--enough said as well. LMAO.

Anyway--had to say all that but hey Pressdog--have a great time--enjoy your comments. I did love Indycar Oval racing I admit that, and had they kept their ovals things would be much different iam sure?

On to Sonoma--Danica did very well on the RC's in NNS before Villenue spun her at RA that is, and she was leading the race for some time at Montreal before mechanical issues there. However these Cup drivers are much better as its been pointed out, and don't forget all the one-off jerks like Villenue in this Sonoma Cup race. However, Iam wondering why Villenue didn't enter the NNS race this weekend instead at Road America where he would have a better chance of winning by bullying and wrecking the NNS drivers like he has done in the past. Facts are these Cup drivers at Sonoma wont put up with his crap and will wreck him in an instant as many don't want him there anyway, as I mentioned days ago.


I appreciate the kind-of compliments, but my loyalty is to the fans, Verny. I want the fans who go to Iowa Speedway to have a great time. That's what I care most about. Everything I provide re: the IndyCar race there is to that end. I just need to get wired in better so I can do the same thing for the Nationwide races at Iowa Speedway. I like both NASCAR and IndyCar. It's possible to like both. I cheer for Danica in whatever race she's in, but she's not the only person I cheer for. If people have views contrary to mine, I'm fine with that too. Doesn't make them a bad person or "wanker." I've even been known to change my view based on the reasoning of others, which puts me in the 5% minority of the population that seems capable of doing that.

Ron Ford

I don't care for NASCAR much, but I went to the Nationwide race at Road America last year because I love that track. I was at the turn where, as Vern reminded us, JV pushed Danica into the runoff gravel. She was driving a helluva race. There were a number of one finger salutes directed at JV after that. Not as many opportunities for passing at Sonoma as there are at RA, but I hope she does well there.

Like corndog, I would go to both Milwaukee and Iowa if they were not on consecutive weekends. I would really like to see the Iowa race in person someday. My pick this year is Marco.


IndyStar reporting IRL Lights done with

Mike R

I was entertained just from the intro. I'll still read the rest of it 'cause I'm a fan, but the chortles ensued with the first paragraph.

Working on a Sprint car tomorrow out here...back to my roots.

If it were closer, I'd go to Sonoma for the Cup race. As it is, I may make the trek there for the IndyCar race later this season.

I grew up with racing, period. I prefer Indy cars and open wheel dirt track stuff, but enjoy a good stock car race, F1, ALMS or Grand Am...or Moto GP, or Supercross. It just doesn't matter...yeah, I have my favorites, but it's ALL a part of the sport I've loved since childhood. Oval or road course, it doesn't matter. Racing is racing. I'm just glad I'm not having to wade through multiple episodes of Pinks or Barrett Jackson for an insufferably long time.


Indycar tied Hunt for Big Fish for 12th place on Saturday on NBCSN.

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