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June 11, 2013


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Pretty much all racing has a gap between the live experience and the television experience and the recent low-downforce Indycar races at Texas have one of the largest such gaps I've seen. This isn't to say Saturday night's racing was good, just that in-person it was at least kind of interesting.
For whatever reason (less downforce, new rear wings, drivers managing tires similarly), last year's Texas race produced quite a bit more movement through the field than this year's, and did so earlier in each stint. Sometimes, well, you just have a bad race. Indycar can't afford too many mulligans on bad races, but they've historically happened at pretty much every track. From Miller's interview with Derrick Walker, it sounds like something will be done. That, at least, is refreshing news.


It's not easy to deliver content in a way that sometimes... is just as entertaining as the content itself. Good Stuff PDog!

Ted Wolfram

I have read and re-read you posting and after sitting thinking about what you said, about "quitting, cutting back, Tweeting", I think you may have become the poster child for what is wrong with IndyCar...there is just no compelling reason to watch it!!

Those of us who have for years and years watched, attended, and discussed open wheel so by remembering just how great it once was....the current series is dependent ENTIRELY on drivers having fans....and they just aren't able to carry the whole load.

If you want to look up a word that fits IndyCar it would be APATHY!

I think the symbol of IndyCar should be a YAWN!!

And your comments show a bad case of "I'm beginning to not give a poop"....which is APATHY in a long term lover OF the SPORT.... Isn't it???

Mr. Miles would be wise to actually spin-off IndyCar.....and bring back the 500 as a Sweepstake Race....which IndyCar could include or not include it's results.

There is NO GOOD REASON that one car must be used for all races....The Indy 500 by bringing back INNOVATION would see more fans, and by raising the purse (slightly) and controlling the costs of each car....we'd all be brought out of our "Spec" induced coma....and maybe APATHY would start to disappear.

Let's be honest the only race that means squat is the "500"....So a simple formula that makes it possible for a team to be at Indy without being bogged down by a $5,000,000 budget for races nobody attends, nobody watches, and nobody gives a poop about would be possible......So if Indy's leadership would get aggressive we might see some one off cars that actually look and sound different.

But till then a potentially terminal case of APATHY will continue to effect us all.



the problem with Twitter is that anyone can use it.

ignore and carry on, Dog.


It's a good point, Ted. I am more apathetic than ever, not only with IndyCar (although the apathy there is the highest) but racing in general. Or it could be other life issues and interests are getting more of my enthusiasm and attention. Judging by sliding attendance and flat-to-declining TV ratings, I'm not alone. The reason for that growing apathy continues to perplex me, honestly. Some of it has to do with making the same points and being frothed up and passionate about the same issues only to have them continue year after year after year. At some point enthusiasm fatigue sets in, I think.

mark hamilton

I enjoy the blog, have not commented before. Appreciate your insights. Indycar is failing, just look at the empty seats and ratings. My opinion only, but spec cars ruined the 500 and we are seeing the effects. Give the 500 a BIG purse, simple formula (maybe even a claiming clause to hold down spending), watch it grow. What does Indycar have to lose???

Chris Lukens

Pressdog = TMZ
TMZ = Total Motorsports Zone
That works for me.

My thoughts on Twitter, anybody that can tell all you need to know in 144 characters, doesn’t know very much. ( ...and anybody that tweets that this statement is only 108 characters long, I’m going to ignore. )


Pdog, I really enjoy your blog, it's pretty much the only one i religiously read and check out daily. You don't take it too seriously and you have fun with it. You call BS when you see it and you don't go all cats and dogs living together levels of mass hysteria when indycar screws up for the 2nd or 3rd time this week. Keep it up man!


Har. Chris, you KNOW someone would respond to you with "that's only 108 characters." That captures the dark side of Twitter perfectly. Thanks for the coffee spew.


I appreciate the kind comments here. Honestly, the knowledge that people read this stuff (for whatever reason) and the quality of the comments is a huge part of why I continue to do it.

Tim in Independence

2 things

1. Follow Fryer's advice. Don't engage the crazies!!

2. I'll be honest, I don't come here as much because of the NASCAR stuff but its YOUR blog. Its a blog that YOU WRITE FOR FREE. Its your choice to write about this stuff that you want to write about. Anybody remotely criticizing you for that is a moron.


P-dog: I gotta say this apathy thing is catching on. Can't seem to get excited about Indycar anymore. Tons of reasons (won't go into them, unless someone REALLY wants to know). This year, I decided to not renew my 500 tickets for the first time in 22 years. Always mailed them in their blue envelope Monday morning after the race. No more for me. Will find something else to do with my time and dwindling income.
Still enjoy your blog several times a week. Can fully understand the quandary over continuing or not. Go with your heart. No sense doing something only out of habit or guilt.


Perhaps JoeNew put it best in his latest IndyCar36. He recognizes that fans DO NOT have to follow him, yet when they choose to do so anyway, he gives them a little something back.

P-Dog, we may not all comment all of the time, but Chiefswon put it perfectly! If you feel the need to cut back, we certainly can't blame you, but keep the humorous race recaps coming for IndyCar!


Every activity experiences a bell curve of popularity. Racing in general is at the bottom of the bell curve , or rapidly sliding down it.

Discussed elsewhere by all is the fact that the young people today have too many other forms of entertainment, coupled with the fact that cars have been demonizerd as environmental dragons that need to tamed or slain. Kids are actually taught this starting at an early age.

Big topic of discussion at F1 sites is how to engage more young people in the sport.

Do what ya gotta do 'Dog, best for you and your family. When the Blog becomes a chore as opposed to a work of love time to reconsider.

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