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July 03, 2013


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Well, seeing the video looks like my questions in the other thread about Ashley are answered. She is definitely looking for any or all offers to go to the big leagues.

So--wonder if Indycar is chomping at the bits going after her or will Nascar? Course Nascar has J Long already struggling to get a Ft ride and of course Danica who apparently Ashley is well aware of her marketing expertise to get herself known. Ashley knows she may need that and she is working on that to get her self known like this SI video etc and other things despite some who may not like that approach--too bad-- as it works? Females winning in a lessor series don't get near the offers that say a Kyle Larson gets for winning in his lessor series and look where he is at now with plenty of sponsors and a Ft ride in NNs and maybe not that far from a Cup ride?---just an example.

The issue is hopefully she doesn't jump to quick with the first offer if it isn't a good team course then again offers in top series havent came to female drivers all that much. I do think Indycar or an open wheel series may be easier for her and its cheaper to get into as well sponsor-wise vs the high cost of Nascar and in my opinion a much tougher competition level in nascar, given many more drivers to contend with etc?? Course she could maybe get a top ride offer in her series she races in now as well as she stated? Should be fun to follow her.

The Speedgeek

Ashley did just fine in this interview, but...good lord. Those dudes from SI asking her questions... If anybody had any inkling that most mainstream "stick and ball" media understand auto racing, they can put that question to rest. They largely have no idea what the sport is about at all.

People do all manner of complaining about what's driving (or not driving) TV viewership and interest from the "non-hardcore" racing fan, and I think we can all put to bed ideas like "casual fans don't like the way the DW12 looks!" or "new fans are put off by the fact that there are three French guys and a Venezuelan in IndyCar!" or "the current engines don't sound as awesome as CART cars did!" as reasons why people aren't watching. Probably 95% of America has no idea what racing is about, and couldn't tell a DW12 from an F1 car from an LMP1 car from a Nationwide car (minus sponsor stickers, of course), if they had one of each doing donuts on the street in front of their house. Racing totally isn't on the mainstream sports fan's radar at all. The challenge, and this goes for all types of racing, as they all face this same issue as costs escalate and viewership plateaus, is to hook even a small portion of that 95% of America and get them to come back. All the other stuff that we complain and debate about, that's just window dressing for the hardcores to agonize over.

Sorry to submarine/hijack the comments for what is otherwise a nice example of a young racer getting a shot at some mainstream-ish exposure and comporting themselves well. Good on Ashley. Hope to see her doing bigger and better things in the near future, as her results at this level definitely merit a shot at higher levels of the sport.

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