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July 08, 2013


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Well Pressdog not any comment on your postings yet so Ill get it going--again.

Loved the fact that NO AA driver won--yah-h-h-h--although as before I do feel sorry for Marco and he surely needs a better strategist with being low on fuel and having to cut back and not be in contention for a win after leading so many laps. You'd think since he's the son he'd get the best they could find but apparently NOT. This just shows AA does have their head up their As-s-s-s-and poor Marco is paying the price and he is a fan favorite for sure. Nice to see Ganassi and the slow Hondas winning on a high speed oval--c'mon--apparently fuel strategy is what it takes to outrun the chevy power and speed??

Now per the upcoming ratings there was absolutely Nothing else to watch on network TV Sunday morning as I flipped through channels and found nothing so I finally went to cable to find something interesting to watch, although I did check in & out to keep track of this race. Therefore NO excuses for ABC ratings this last time around since the rest of network and even cable TV was BLAHHH. That's all folks.

Ron Ford

Looking for a way to improve the TV ratings?


Savage Henry

I was at the race yesterday and it was a terrific event. Indycar and Pocono did a nice job with it and the crowd was great. There was a real buzz at the track for this one. The facility is nice, but decidedly old-school (in a good way).

From the stands, the race was kind of a snoozer. I'm happy to hear that it looked better on TV. For most of the race the cars were strung out in single file, especially in the last couple of stints when everyone was in fuel save mode. But there is luck on when the yellow falls (and don't fall). If there was a yellow in either of those last two stints it would have been awesome because the fast cars (i.e. Chevy) were stacked up behind the slower cars. It would have been awesome to see Marco charge up through the field at his home race. The crowd would have been bonkers. There was a *very* pronounced pro-Andretti bias at the track.

I am always happy to criticize NASCAR, but in this I was praying for a phantom debris caution at around lap 135.

Tom G.

I'm not a big fan of fuel mileage races, so I was a little let down by the ending. It would have been a hell of a dash to the finish if fuel mileage hadn't played into it. But credit to the Ganassi's for playing their cards right. It was apparent as early as the first round of pitstops that Marco was burning through fuel faster than others. I was puzzled that AA didn't adjust their strategy earlier. Either they were banking on another yellow, or they just screwed the pooch.

Dixon was overdue for a win. He's been strong and consistent all season, despite starting at the back of the field most races. Kudo's to him.

Bummer for RHR. Hate to see someone elses bonehead move play into the championship.

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