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July 10, 2013


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Ted Wolfram

Pippa's a hoot...she does more PR work for IndyCar than all the other drivers combined. And even more germane she does more than IZOD and the series leaders as well.

I like her aggressiveness, (but with a limited amount in the car)....she needs finishes. Pocono was good for her.

I'd love for her to get a full time ride.....because she'd provide her sponsor with what sponsors live for.....EXPOSURE!

Hey, GO DADDY give her a ride....Hinch is a nice guy....but from a PR point of view Pippa would beat him hands down. I could see an ad with her carrying a mop and bucket asking Dr. Bob..."Are you sure this is how Danica started"??


As a female racer myself, it's great to see someone like Pippa promote racing for females in a positive manner. Thanks and good luck!


Facts are--Godaddy went after and signed Danica after she had already made her self mainstream famous with her photo shoots and then mainly her performance in the Indy500 waking up the world of racing for a 5ft 100 lb gal who almost won the pole and almost won the race etc. That alone helped make herself famous beyond just Indycar for the most part, and that's what drew Godaddy to sign her the following yr, as they've said many times. The main point is Godaddy didn't take an unknown driver like a Pippa, and make her world wide famous as Danica is today. Godaddy helped make Danica more well known--sure-- but their sleazy adds and commercials also drew them and her a lot of ire, & criticism with lots of people and esp parents not wanting their kids to look up to Danica given how she allowed herself to make those sleazy sexy commercials. Therefore Godaddy was and still is a good and bad scenario for her, but we've seen they have'nt done any more of the sleazy commercials with her either trying to improve their image and hers and reportedly have no plans to do that again.

Don't forget--It was Godaddy who wanted Danica in Nascar, a much wider arena for their marketing rather then the low rated Indycar and apparently its working well.

On the other hand, the Indycar driver Hinchcliff in the Godaddy car Danica actually made famous, is winning some races now and he thinks he's all "that" but he doesn't realize he's basically just a tax write off and practically a nobody regarding the mainstream as he is in Indycar after all. The facts are reportedly even his wins isn't moving the needle for Godaddy and they are trying everything to make this Indycar driver famous and popular like a Danica, but that will never happen as Godaddy didn't make Danica famous, they only helped and also hurt her along the way as stated earlier. I'd like to see her out of Godaddy myself but they been good for each other-- so be it but nothing lasts forever.

Regarding Pippa and Godaddy that could be a good fit for her, but the fact she isn't well known as Danica was when godaddy went after her, not even close, and facts are Godaddy nor anyone else can make another Danica, as she is one of a kind. Good luck to Pippa as she has my vote and would like to see Godaddy give her some sponsorship but facts are they get very little in return from Indycar. As someone mentioned, Pippa being a female Godaddy girl in Indycar maybe could help them moreso where the male driver even winning, probably never will? The bad is, without a good sponsor and good ride we may never see what Pippa can do and that's the way the world of racing is for most females trying to make it in a top series. just how it is

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