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August 26, 2013


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why don't they just use the (clearly marked) Nascar pit boxes? wouldn't that allow for plenty of room while at the same time make these sort of calls obvious?

The Speedgeek

Sears Point probably doesn't want to have to re-paint the stalls for every event, so they paint up 43 stalls (for the Cup race) and then leave it at that. The teams and officials know where the stalls start and stop, and usually that's good enough and doesn't come into play, anyway.

Bottom line: a guy (who was well inside his own team's pit box) got hit by a race car. Penalty. Done and done.

Tammy Kaehler

Totally with you, Pdog, and said as much on my own blog today. I'm biased a bit because I know Beaux and like him. Plus, I respect the hell out of the fact that he's open and honest about being the guy who makes the call and not always getting it right--but always being willing to explain, before and after, what his thinking is.

Ron Ford

Nice to see you back Dog. I thought perhaps you got lost in a corn maze. My thoughts:

1. Kenseth and Kahne are two of the cleanest racers in NASCAR, also two of the best. That made for some fine racing at the end.

2. I have no problem with a penalty being called on Dixon, but I truly believe, after looking at all the videos of this incident and other pit stops, that Travis Law made himself wide and slow in an attempt to impede Dixon a bit.


Dixon should not get fined

Don't confuse the bump-and-run with the wreck-and run. That's what Timothy Peters does.
Kudos to Kahne for showing that clean racing is exciting racing too. His open-wheel background serves him well here, as contact has far more consequences in sprints and midgets than in fendered cars.


Indycar has since made some rule changes to try and reduce the pit crews from practicing "dick" moves that disrupt opposing team cars in the pits. They hope that that will send a message. I think in this instance if the Penske prick would have had his pelvis shattered it would have sent a much more effective message. If this penalty determines the championship then the very last tenuous thread of Indycar credibility has been permanently cut.

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