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October 09, 2013


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Tim in Independence

Very nice job, I didn't realize you were that talented and respected enough to gain a 1 on 1 with her. Keep up the good work

Barb Kreisel

Bill you are always looking beyond the mainstream media questions. I as a Danica appreciate that. Great post. As a fan of your writing and her as a woman and a racer her evolution is greatly written in your post .


Great interview Bill!


This is a great interview. I have grown to be a Danica fan and I wish her well in the future. Ricky is a lucky man to have her.


Nice interview as I saw it previously. Now this gives me a chance to do some ranting about her Cup career so far.

Shes having a tough rookie season in Cup but most would agree she never should have been put into the cup series as should've stayed in NNS but-- too late now as all her people wanted her where they could benefit the most with $$'s and she went along with it.

Iam not big on this SHR team either as check their results this yr vs other teams and that tells the story. Newman was doing back flips of happiness when he learned he would have a different CC this yr instead of Gibson again and his results are showing it although all of SHR is struggling with this new car. Even the few times she has a good showing in practice speeds the car is crap in qualifying and crap in the race so whats going on as Daytona & Matinsville the exception but 2 good races doesn't make a very good season. Course-- IF HER lack of talent in these cars is the issue then-- enough said??

Apparently GoDaddy has dropped the Indycar driver so how long before they drop her as reportedly they want out of auto racing although her contract runs through next yr.
Danica being so popular doesn't count if no one else wants to sponsor her as no one did for her supposedly 10 races in NNS that never came to be for lack of sponsors so if Godaddy leaves her--then what???

Ricky may be the bright spot making her smile these days as her racing results certainly aren't. She isn't getting much airtime anymore for nascar races and her career depends on exposure for Godaddy but they aren't even using her in commercials anymore which is a warning sign she should be aware of. Reportedly She is the #1 brand ambassador in the world for Godaddy in a Forbes recent article/survey and Godaddy wont use her in anything new for advertising --says it all doesn't it??

I don't see the bright side to her career anymore if this is the best SHR can give her but Iam amazed at her composure and smiling attitude in all this nightmare of a rookie season but--if she cant see whats wrong and change it--then---oh well?

Ok done ranting as only time will tell with Danica and her nascar career such as it is but she will be ok either way as she has achieved lots of records and milestones but here's hoping for more??


Great job Bill!

Ron Ford

There is a YouTube video that Danica mentioned of footage taken by a fan in the stands at the 2005 500. It onlys last for a few seconds as the fans react to her taking the lead. The reaction by the crowd is electric! I never get tired of hearing that. Check it out if you haven't already.


Great interview, PDog! You asked some good question and the back and forth between y'all flowed nicely.


To add as I reported I saw that CBS video before. However reading your interview want to add since you know Danica very well--why is it when I tuned in an Indycar race randomly recently I saw Danica's PR person for yrs Haley Moore now with the Indycar driver Hinchcliff? Havent saw Haley with Danica in awhile now--just wondering as they were together a long time & supposedly best friends as well?

BTW--who paid for that dinner?


For those who are fans of Danicas or if Pressdog hasn't saw this yet--breaking story.

Basically---Godaddy officially drops Indycar and says "they love Danica and she will be with them a long time"--Per the CEO Irving today. Remember Godaddy pulled Danica out of Indycar in the first place to Nascar wider arena for them, so makes sense they wasn't going to stay with the other driver @ Andretti when the contract was up.

Aspen dental just signed with Danica also today for 2 Primary races next yr and co sponser all next yr.

Guess this news will quiet the naysayers about Danicas future. BTW don't worry-- Hinchcliff will be fine at Andretti with new sponsor being announced tomorrow somewhere?


This is a great interview, Bill! It definitely reveals a part of her career that hasn't been explored much - which you wouldn't believe is possible.

I love the way she talks about interacting with the media. That's something that many fans (and racers) don't understand but treating people well is a big part of the media coverage of the sport.

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