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January 10, 2014


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I think we all prefer to see the racing in person, but I found it interesting that your daughter prefers several heats of sprinting fame vs. one main event.

Perhaps more of the "Balls to the Wall" racing is an easy prescription to try for Indycar. Make more shorter sprint type heat races with a consolation for the bottom half with consol winner getting a slot in the final for the top half as the primary format for ovals.

Interesting and doesn't even require the massive sea change of rules/regs/equipment.

Now if only the purses were more heavily emphasized instead of the guaranteed LC cash.

James Washburn

I think we need to bring back the party atmosphere. I say this based upon my memory of going to Indy Qualifications back in 1983 with lines to get into qualifications. I remember a guy getting off a bus, getting more beer from down below, and taking back on the bus while we waiting in lines. This was like 8 in the morning. I was 9 at the time. It was one big party for a lot of people who knew very little about the sport. It was fun and people liked coming to fun atmosphere. It was also a way people learned about the sport.


I could not have said that better myself PDog. Well Done.


I think Nascar has learned that it's 90% personality now. The car doesn't matter, it's who's driving the car. And who is the rival of the the guy or girl driving the car. Also agree with DZ that cash prizes of a significant amount would draw some attention.

This could be a dumb theory but I don't think anyone knows anything about Indycar. At all. So Indycar needs to start at Step One. What is Indycar? What do they race and where do they race? What do you win and who drives the cars? Because most people you ask (most people I know anyway) have no idea about the most basic things regarding Indycar. They couldn't name a driver (outside of Danica?) and couldn't name a race outside of the 500.

Blue Crown

Shortening and providing multiple races in a day or weekend are tangible improvements and would obviously work well with our short attention spans. The intangibles are difficult to manage or measure. I love your daughter's observation and the point you made. A few heats and a feature could make an exciting IndyCar weekend.
Thanks !


AS mentioned the world today is about fans following the drivers they like based on their popularity moreso then how much they win. Drivers who win races that aren't popular aren't doing much for the sport drawing in new fans as no one cares. Several media for yrs have been saying Indycar has NO star power anymore and why its struggling with fans and viewers and therefore ratings as mainstream popular drivers bring in the fans, winning drivers don't always.

Nascar has lots of big popular name drivers even if they aren't necessarily worldwide popular but enough to keep the Nascar fan base around more or less. The races in Nascar are way too long to keep the interest of many fans nowdays and esp the younger crowd as iam old and I get bored with the long racing and switch channels nowdays. Nascar is now thinking of changing the length of some races and qualifying formats as well trying to keep the fans they have interested and get new ones but it isn't easy.

Indycar races are shorter and ok time wise I think so don't know if changing to heats etc will matter really as the main thing is young people wont sit still for hrs to watch a race. Younger fans want and need constant action to keep their attention or lots of young popular stars in the sport to follow like X games etc.

Bottom line Indycar isn't going to change much as it is what it is and nascar even has to work on keeping its fan base once it starts switching to lower rated networks next yr.

Ted Wolfram

I have come to believe that NASCAR and IndyCar are worlds apart and it is almost like comparing baseball to football.

NASCAR has drivers that we have seen grow up, and their personalities are developed as they become better drivers. An example...the Busch brothers! Further, we learn to know and to follow the crew chiefs and pit crews as well.

In IndyCar except when a person like Danica who in 2005 became an instant star with her qualifying and leading the "500" we really don't know who very few of the drivers are or their history. I walked through the pits at Mid-Ohio and RHR the champ was walking through the pits and nobody seemed to even know who he was. The crew chiefs might as well be robots....nobody gives a poop about them or the drivers except for very few. Check Twitter or Facebook....and see how few US citizens follow IndyCar drivers. Hinch has 42,000 and Marco has 66,000 followers on Twitter and Danica? 985,000....and Hinch and Marco are among the best. TK has a nice number but they are 85% in Brazil....and IndyCar doesn't go there anymore!!IndyCar is depending on the drivers to carry the series and it ISN'T working!!

In NASCAR the car is not the focus of IndyCar it is....or used to be. I can remember and my children, grand children and now great grand children all ask about the great cars of the past, and there are many......and maybe because I have taken them to the IMS Museum they ask..."Why must we have all the cars that look the same"?

The idea that "spec" car is cheaper than a one off is honestly nonsense. It is only true if you produce a formula that demands anything but a "safety cell" that is so complex that no one can produce a competitive car. Now since we have contracts that extend till at least 2018 we are trapped.

The only hope is that the Speedway finally realizes that the "500" should be a stand alone race and the IRL Dba as IndyCar is spun-off because by 2018 the series may well have continued to decline or even disappeared.

Bring on even a "junk" formula, but at least give the open wheel fans a chance to cheer about something!!

Tom G.

If I were either Indycar, NASCAR, or F1, I would be falling all over myself to license image and product to the Forza and Gran Turismo video game franchises. The number of people playing these console racing sims is huge. Anything you can do to link your real world product to the virtual one is great advertising. Give casual gamers the chance to race your cars, and pit them against your drivers. It's a great platform to promote your personalities. Blur the line between virtual and real, as much and as often as possible.

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