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February 24, 2014


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Jeremy from Harrisburg

I was really amused when either Mike Joy or DW said "That was a hard hit for Danica, but it would have been worse without the safer barrier" only to have them back track after the commercial break.


This 500 was much more interesting than the last couple of years. There's only a couple of NASCAR drivers that I'm a fan of, and one of them is Jr. He never whines, always seems upbeat (like Pippa!) and doesn't act anything is owed to him.
Thanks for the write-up Dog!

Brent Burns

Definite thumbs down on the side box, let's go back to the crawler. The best part was Fox News sending a Twitter post out about Jimmy Johnson as the winner because Fox Network played a replay of last year's race - epic.

Ron Ford

At 43 minutes or even 90 minutes all that musing shows you have some serious typing skills.

Ya gotta love ol' DW: "Daytona, the birthplace of speed." Apparently before 1959 there was no speed. Who knew?!


Thanks Bill. I always stop what I am doing to listen to your point of view. I was shocked by how many non NASCAR fans were eager to blast away at the racing this weekend and all I could think was...If you don't like it...why are you watching...


I really enjoyed the Daytona 500 this year. I would sum it up with one word, fun. The race was a lot of fun to watch and thankfully was decided on track, not by penalties, fuel mileage, or rain. Overall Junior isn't my favorite driver but I did like the emotion out of him and his win was good for NASCAR. I thought the racing out of Daytona was very good, and that the current formula has a good mix and allows passing but also is a little better for cars not in the draft, like the leader.

I disagree rather heavily about the butt hurt issue. I've found most people who use that are just upset with someone for having a different opinion. While I sort of agree sometimes people take sports too seriously I do think taking it somewhat serious is not necessarily a bad thing, and further being critical and or repetitive can have its uses. As Cato the Elder proved. As a blogger while there is a risk that being too critical ends up being off putting (I know from experience) at least to me not being critical enough turns you into either a pr person or just a homer. More importantly it's boring


Dylan, first Cato The Elder reference on any blog, ever? Well played!

I enjoy the comments from most of Bill's readers almost as much as his content.


Strongly agree with George. The comments greatly enhance my viewing as well, and I appreciate them.


LOL - speaking of butthurt

Phil Kaiser, Indianapolis, IN

Bill, please don't be offended, but in paragraph 23 (Everybody Gettin' All Butt-Hurt) I think you meant to say "they seize" instead of "the cease" as in "they seize on any opportunity...."

Cease means to stop, seize means to grab or take. Please don't hate me, only trying to help!

Phil Kaiser

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