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March 28, 2014


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Thanks for the enlightenment pressdog.

As for "I could be totally full of shit"....that's part of what makes this blog so good!



Marketing? Advertising? It is non existant for IndyCars!

I happened to be watching F1 practice from Malaysia on NBCSN live when lo and behold they threw in a blurb to watch IndyCars this Sunday.

I have NEVER seen an add on any other TV site for an upcoming Indy race (other than the Indy 500 on ABC).


I reckon the marketing will improve with the Verizon sponsorship of the series.

Ron Ford

Olympic hockey vs NHL is a good comparison. I guess that's why you get the big bucks.


I was going to ask if it is just me, or have I seen a LOT more commercials for St. Pete on ABC than we usually see? Throughout Sportscenter, ESPN's "Happy Hour" ("Around the Horn" and "Pardon the Interruption")ads seem to be more plentiful than I have seen previously.

Of course, like you, I could be totally full of shit.


@ SkipinSC: My TV is always on some ESPN station, a huge fan of PTI and I can't say I've noticed any IndyCar promos.

Probably just me, glad to read they're doing something out there.

Ted Wolfram

If the product sucks, and it does.... as long as we have "spec" cars controlled down to the last 1/1000 of an inch, you can advertise it all you won't help.

John S

Missing the race recap. What are the clowns up to ? Sad. Sniffle. Pout.


If the truth be told (and I don't think he would do that), it would be a safe bet that Juan Pablo Montoya is sure missing his Sprint Cup ride about now.


The clown cars pulled a 0.6 on ABC. :lol: :lol: :lol:


"The clown cars pulled a 0.6 on ABC."

I saw that on Trackforum also & last yr they got a 1.1 so Indycar is in serious trouble ratings wise anyway & on Natl TV--terrible. Soon as the sponsors start seeing drops in their product sales--say good night.

Iam still shocked Verizon would sign on to waste millions of $$$'s to this series as apparently they don't know much about auto racing or the few watching it but--oh well?

BTW as a comparison on ABC even the struggling for ratings NNS race got a 1.5 ratings last time they were on this network & Nascar is concerned about that--just saying?

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