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March 26, 2014


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500 mile races are (at least) twice the distance so twice the points just makes sense. (St. Pete this week is only 198 miles.) Same argument different reasoning for the comparison to double headers.

I really didn't like how they phase it because just saying "double points" sounds too much like a copy of F1 which everyone was making fun of (and all races are approximately the same length.) However, to have total points available based on race length does make sense to me.


I disagree. Indycar can still say it's more pure than NASCAR. Is it true? It's a matter of opinion, but that doesn't matter for marketing. I agree that this is a good thing as it emphasizes ovals, and Indycar needs that. Plus I think talking about how Indycar is more pure than other racing is a dangerous road. Obviously NASCAR has some problems (elimiChases) but at the same time "purity" can sometimes be boring. Depending on what we're talking about. So I don't really want to see too much on "purity" because that can mean boring/status quo.

Phil Kaiser, Indianapolis, IN

The thing that bugged me the most about the change was when folks started doing the math and came up with the fact that Takuma Sato's seventh at Indianapolis will be worth more than his win at Long Beach! THAT is total BS in my book, and I'm the most rabid Indianapolis 500 fan out here!

Ted Wolfram

If you have nothing to is always wise to shut up.....IndyCar management doesn't agree...they think if you have nothing to create "push to pass", promise changes in 2015-16-17-18, add more concerts, raise ticket prices, charge for parking, and screw up the scoring!!! And of course when attendance goes down and the TV ratings are below a snakes belly.......IT is...............(you fill in the excuse....I've run out of them!!

Ron Ford

If it ain't broke, don't fix it! The new point system stinks and will lead to some very bizarre unintended consequences as Phil Kaiser alluded to above.

When the championship goes down to the last race year after year, why is a radical change necessary?

Every time IndyCar takes a positive step forward they then take two steps back.


I thought it was a puzzling decision as well, especially the timing... so close to the beginning of the season. Even a well thought out decision looks less like one when it is poorly timed.

I actually don't mind awarding more points for longer races and extra points for Indy qualifying (though I think too many are offered in this system), but I would like to see these additional points awarded based on some structure.

The old USAC points system specified how many points it gave out based on race distance, more points for longer races. The new system does not have such sensible reasoning.


I lament the lack of ovals and perhaps this is a away of rewarding the drivers/teams who excel at the oval races (like IndyCar fave Ed Carpenter).

I'm okay with the change as I feel that the 500 races are more demanding and more competitive than the twisties. The doubleheaders on some of the really boring single file tracks are kinda weird IMO.

Things are far from perfect with IndyCar and they've certainly had their ups and downs over the decades but I'm actually okay with this change. I think. For now.

As Phil Kaiser mentions above, things may get rather messy with the new system. I hope that it works well though.

Ready for the Green Flag!

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