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May 22, 2014


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Ron Ford

Freedom is indeed awesome. For example, I have the freedom to not watch NASCAR during the month of May so I knew nothing of this above described kerfluffle.

Chris Lukens

Vote for your favorite driver. Vote for your favorite crew chief. Vote for your favorite crew chief’s girlfriend. Vote for your favorite crew chief’s girlfriend’s dog. It’s all great fun.

But why stop there. Have the fans vote for how the cars should line up for the start of the race.

All of this could be part of a program, moderated by “Mean Gene” Okerman, where each driver pleads their case and then they beat each other over the head with folding chairs.
Or even better let the fans vote how they line up by voting for their favorite SPONSOR, imagine how much money the series could make off that one.

Or just have the engine suppliers mandate who will be allowed to race ( oops ! Sorry, that’s IndyCar )

But on a serious note, fan voting does allow the series to find out what the fans are passionate about and what they are thinking ( which is probably why IndyCar stopped doing it ).


What channel did you say the All-Star is on?? FOXSPORT1!!!

Everyone is complaining that they cannot get the channel in a lot of areas. NASCAR has effectively blow apart it's numbers for views. You have to start over calculating number of viewers.

Many fans are turning to online sports networks like ###TV which are not counted.

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