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May 26, 2014


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Thanks for your thoughts pressdog. Well said and I agree on all points! Great Race! Feel really bad for Ed though. He ran a very smart race and had a car that could have been there at the end (with the other three).

Ron Ford

I am not wishy-washy about GWC. I never want to see it at Indy, but I think the red flag was a good call. I agree with all your points Dog with one minor difference. Sure, the cuts to the wives at the end could have been on smaller screen, but keep in mind that lots of women watch this race also.

I was quite impressed with the skills and demeanor of Kurt Busch; Also impressed (again) with Munoz and amazed by Sage Karem.

Anyone who did not like this race needs to cut back on the grumpy flakes each morning.


There was (a) a lot of blame to go around or (b) several root causes (take your pick) in the Ed/Hinch/Bell incident. What caused Hinch & Bell to make their moves was a slightly slow restart by Ed...and that's very clear from Helio's in-car camera. RHR pulls away and Bell, Hinch, and Helio all are pulling up on Ed. That encouraged the overoptimistic moves...but when three cars go into that same corner that way, only one is likely to come out, most likely whichever one is slightly ahead.

Tammy Kaehler

I'm right there with you on Kurt Busch. Grudging, but lots of, respect for him now.


I love the Indy500 as ive tried to watch it every yr for over 30 yrs but have to say this race was dull as watching paint dry until near the end. Watching a parade of follow the leaders is just like Nascar races are including the coke 600 later that night--boring. The fact we can tune in the last hr or so & see most the action in most races nowdays is why ratings are down in all auto racing as nascars were down 20% but still beat the the Indy500 race with 7 million viewers. Also while they say the Indy500 race was up a little facts are the ratings were still down around 10% from 2012 & with the addition of Nascar drivers Kurt & Montoya, most expected a much higher rating with their Nascar fans tuning in, but not many did apparently? Exciting finish but viewers aren't going to tune in for 3 hrs of follow the leader when they can just tune in then last 1/2 hr or so & see all the action--just being honest? Kurt did little except be patient & not make a mistake & wait for others to crash or have problems for him to gain positions during the race which still counts, but not the same as passing multiple cars to gain position in my opinion? The fact his engine blew in the Coke 600 later means he didn't complete the double entirely, but good try anyway. Oh well done for another yr

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