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June 18, 2014


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Shorter Pressdog: Twistys are fun because
1. Crap falls apart,
2. Genius moves and brainfarts (often the same thing but with different outcomes because...)
3. Sh(bleep) happens.


Ok, that was a little irreverent to PDog, and I know he knows how to appreciate "other" forms of racing. But it's just so much fun to restate it that way.

Anyway, for a yardstick to measure non-round racing by: The World Endurance Championship races, as well as the stateside Sports Car stuff (Tudor, Continental Challenge, GT(some number) etc.) is all road and street courses and at times gets pretty bumpercar-ish. But even without that it can often be a great deal of fun to watch.

Tammy Kaehler

The other fun part about NASCAR on the twisties is that the cars look like whales trying to dance ballet. One word: lumbering.



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