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June 04, 2014


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Tom Rowell

This is a brilliant idea that should apply to all sports. Let's see how Mr. NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB owner feels about paying $25 to park, $10 for a beer, $5 for a hot dog etc......


Those of us with little tiny blogs don't get any special access, and we still attend races as fans. Because that's what we are. :-)


Excellent Idea. I would even go so far as to suggest that it would be good for them to try the experience of an event volunteer. I regularly work racing events as a marshal, and it is very different from the two experiences you compare here. We give our time and are at the mercy of the promoters and organizers. Our days start well before any on track activity and do not end until it has completed. Often we are given our lunch in the 5 minutes between track activity and asked to continue flagging while we eat. I will admit that you can't get much closer to the track and that is why we do it, but I am sure if the people making decisions were to stand in our shoes they may make some different decisions.

The Speedgeek

I think this is a decent idea, but with two questions in mind:

1) Will the "loss" of said exec for the weekend from the role of "flesh presser and hobnobber" (plus, of course, their other regular duties that they can't perform because they're hanging with you and me in the grandstand) be offset by a future increase in ticket sales or ticket prices (presumably, because they'd be adding more fan friendly experiences)? Not trying to be snarky here, just pointing out that there needs to be an actual, tangible business function for such an exercise, otherwise this is a "non-value-add" activity.

And 2) is there any particular experience that you currently think needs to be addressed at any particular track/event? Personally, even though I am a "blogger" in the most tangential sense of the word (if you can call somebody who posts 3-4 times per year such a thing), I have 99.9% of my race weekend experiences on my own dime and recognizance, but I can't think of much that needs tweaking other than a couple of very minor quibbles here and there (and those haven't really impacted my desire to give my return business to a track one way or the other).

Just curious.


Geek: 1) I think the actual, tangible business benefit is to make execs more personally aware of the fan experience, and said knowledge will inform other decisions. It's not going to produce ROI in, say, 90 days, but it will have a generally positive impact on the business over time, IMO. As to if they can be spared, I can't speak to that. I have difficulty thinking that a deputy couldn't take the helm for the Big Dog for just one race. If nothing else, they should go through the ticket gate and sit with the fans during the race 2) the point isn't what can be fixed or not fixed, the point is to give the execs a personal experience. Remove the buffers and get them to experience it personally. Everyone is unique. My goal would be to get THEIR opinion on what's good and bad, not just simply have them take the opinion of others. If everything is FANTASTIC, great, but this would still be a proactive move to keep it that way, IMO

The Speedgeek

Fair enough. Carry on.


Lovely idea. Would be even better of it could actually happen. Living 15 miles west of Speedway, I spend every day possible in May at the rack. During the practice & qualifying days of the Grand Prix of Indy, I noticed Mr. Prez of IMS, Doug Boles on the mounds in T1 & RT2. To me as a fan, its a nice touch that the president of IMS was out in the turns with the fans. He didnt go as far as you are suggesting, but he also didnt stay in the pagoda (or wherever else he stays). Also nearly every day I was at the track (except on the race days) he was talking to regular fans, engaging with them. Just my $0.02, take it for what its worth.

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