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July 13, 2014


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Surprised good seats would reach $60 for a lightly attended event (not sure if I ever heard an attendance estimate) but I've got to get out to one some time. Friends once invited me to Molson Indy in Toronto and I stupidly passed.


Another kicker, kid prices should be greatly reduced. They are the same as adult prices!


"not enough contact." so demolition derby is the standard by which all racing is judged?


Still nothing on Sarah OGara, Jose Newgarden and their great race.


Take it easy, Red. Some people like paint trading, some don't. Personal preference and #MURICA!


To be fair, the high seats at Milwaukee are $70+. Field-level seats to see my local last-place Major League Baseball team start at close to $60. It may be higher than the market can bear, but $60 for good seats to watch a national racing series is not egregious (not that you said it was, but it could be inferred).

Great racing at Iowa, look forward to it every year. Indycar puts on a very fast and entertaining short oval show. Given the weather (tornado warnings are no joke), I thought the crowd was fine. Looked easily double the NASCAR truck crowd on television, and surely would have been noticeably better with good weather.

Phil Kaiser

P'dog, people who run events these days (be they sports, concerts, nearly anything) are too worried about getting their messages out on Facebook and Twitter and have forgotten all about the 70% of the folks out here who don't bother with that nonsense and who still go to the web. I remember this past May I missed something here at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and when I mentioned it to someone in the Garages later that day they said "it was all over Twitter." SO WHAT! Why didn't IMS take the five minutes to post it on their website?

Just a bit of anecdotal evidence from Indianapolis....


Ticket prices, if the tracks were included in the money from the TV contract, which they aren't although the purse money is, could be dropped. However with the tracks making their profit, (If any) from ticket sales....cutting the prices unless there is a large unsold block of tickets is self defeating for the promoters.

Indy increased prices with a falling attendance.....and will increase them again to pay for the improvements (what ever that means) at the Speedway. They can get away with it...they get the TV money since they own the IRL Dba IndyCar. And what are they doing......pissing it away on paying for socialized racing....(20 teams get $1,000,000 EACH just to show up!! The IRL has NEVER broke even...NEVER!!

What did AA and RHR get for winning in Iowa? $25,000!!

But the race????

The 300 mile race in Iowa was one of the most entertaining races in a long, long time!

It had everything, a car and driver who was light years better than the field...who didn't win. A winner who was never in contention until very late with a young driver just behind for his best finish. A call from race control that makes you say..."What the F)&"!! which changed everything. A comment from a driver (Juan) that seems to suggest a future confrontation with Carpenter. On top of that a crowd that attended with a severe weather problem...and the that crowd was good...and only not a sell out because of that weather. It also proved that racing on an oval 7/8 of a mile can provide a really interesting race.

Now I sure hope some casual fans tuned in...what a show!!!

And a couple of additional thing.....RHR should buy a ticket for the next lottery...and TK has to wonder what the hell did he do to deserve the result!!

Still smiling....this was a SUPER race!!!

Was it worth $60 a ticket.....????

Based on the other crap that is out there?

Hell YES!!

Ron Ford

I would pay $60 in a Des Moines minute to watch a race like that in person.

If a race is televised and the threat of bad weather is imminent, some of the walk up crowd and even some who had purchased tickets will stay home and watch the race on TV. I thought the crowd was good considering the weather forecast. (It is also worth noting that TV weather folks tend to go way, way overboard about the weather these days. For example, a few days of cool weather and "the polar vortex is back!")

IndyCar needs to find a way to reduce their sanctioning fee so that more tracks like Iowa are on the schedule.


$60 and that's bad????????

Next week in Toronto the best seats are $175 plus phone charge plus all sorts of taxes plus, plus, plus, to way over $200.

Double-headers would halve that but, mama mia, to complain about a measly sixty bucks is like complaining about a food store freebie up here!

If you see a fan at Toronto ......... They're RICH!!!!!!


But what do you get for that $175? Two days in the best seats, plus an IndyCar paddock pass, plus TWO IndyCar races AND races from SIX additional series and access to a Craft Beer Fest. The second-best tickets are $125 for two days, without the paddock pass, but with all the rest of it. We pay $60 for one race and Miller heavy.


Good stuff.

Tim in Independence

Love the article pressdog but $60 isn't bad at all for where you sat. Yes I knew the schedule was light but I paid $45 to sit behind the visitors dugout for a Cleveland Indians game. And that's only because they were playing the Rays and only because the guy dropped the price in the last few minutes on stubhub. Face price of the ticket is over $100 and they genrally get it.

The Speedgeek

I will chip in and also say that I don't think that $60 for the good seats at Iowa Speedway are exorbitant. If you're a Race Fan (note the capital letters), seeing IndyCar isn't like watching your local AAA baseball team. A better analogue would be that you're watching all of the guys who play at the All-Star Game come play at the minor league ball field that's across town from your house. You get but the one chance per year to see the big name guys in person (as opposed to your local short track that charges $10 to get in to see late models, Legends cars and the $#^& stocks, every weekend from April to September), so charging a bit of a premium isn't out of the question. Plus, those are the best seats in the house, so if you're just showing up with your casually interested family, you can get away with spending $20-25 each just to get in the door.

On the other hand, the fact that there was no other racing action going on during Saturday's schedule is pretty poor. I'll put that at the feet of IndyCar and Dan Anderson (who, mind you, I basically otherwise worship as the Savior of the IndyCar Ladder) for pulling the Road to Indy series from most of the ovals, and also maybe at the feet of Iowa Speedway for not managing to get USAC back out there with Midgets and/or Silver Crown cars like they did a few years ago (though maybe there were less USAC conflicts when the IndyCar weekend was in mid-June...I have no idea). In this case, $60 for the best seat goes from being "insane, over the top bargain" to "merely a decent deal to see the guys who run in the Indy 500". I hope they fix that for next year.

Matt B. (Dayton)

Hi Bill. I officially retired from work on Friday and as my "freedom" gift I headed to Iowa Speedway for Saturday night's race. Always wanted to go and this was the year. I concur on the lack of easily found information on day-of track activity. The links I found all started with driver introductions (just before the race start). I'd also add that I searched the websites of Indycar, Indycar Radio Network, Iowa Speedway, and even the Des Moines Register and could not find what local radio station was carrying the race (for my at-track listening). Maybe it was not carried? I bought my ticket at the track. First thought I'd go for the $50 ticket but at the last minute went for the "bottom 5 row" $20 ticket, hoping I could move up in the stands which I did with no problem. As I entered the actual track for the first time, I was surprised to see that, in a modern-built major league short track, you could not see the whole track from the lower seats. Buildings in the infield area blocked the view of the backstretch from many of those seats.

Anyhow, I had a great time and was amazed by the everywhere-on-the-track action as you already mentioned. Just crazy! Good crazy! I've been to New Hampshire's 1-mile for an IRL race (in 1998) and from my memory Iowa's 7/8 mile seemed much more like a bowl ring (as it is often described). I suppose Iowa's greater banking has a lot to do with that. It also seemed so much smaller than Kentucky's 1.5 mile but when I thought about it it's almost half the size of Kentucky - 7/8 of a mile versus Kentucky's 12/8 of a mile. I was thinking the whole time that I was in pressdog territory but didn't spot you. Maybe next year!


Appreciate all the comments. As I said, if they can get $60, they should absolutely charge it. But, I did get severely jealous when I looked at the Festival of Constant Racing coming up in Toronto -- and A CRAFT BEER FEST -- and we got ONE race. At least they added laps to the race this year. Matt B.: Fantastic! Thanks for coming out. Yes, the first five rows or so of Iowa Speedway have random buildings blocking little chunks of the back straight. But buy low, sit high isn't a bad plan.


I drove from Indy to the Iowa Corn 300 this past weekend. The race was awesome. I think $60 for tixs was reasonable, but paid less and walked up to higher seats. Ed has to be kicking himself in the pants (before JPM punches him), it was his race to win and he blew it by not pitting before RHR or Newgarden. The fans were friendly, the Coors was cold, and hearing Paul Page and Pippa Mann was a real bonus. I agree the Saturday event schedule was weak. There was a tent bar in turn 4? News to me. I wonder if the drivers like their Michael Young nicknames like, "Let's hear it for Scottie D"? We are in for next year. Build some hotels closer. We stayed 80 miles away.


Chris ... here's some ideas for hotels less than 80 miles from the track:


I had no idea Iowa wouldn't have support series. Even short-track Saturday night has 'em. Yikes. Score 1 for pressdog.

After checking, Toronto has 11 races plus 2 'Robby Gordon Formula Off-Road Stadium SUPER Truck' races which pretty much makes the price worthwhile all by itself.

But still ............ for a family?


Your point is well taken, SOCSeven. That is heavy cash for a family. But there are other general admission options that are cheaper (just, to be fair, there are at Iowa). Mainly the lack of bang for the buck is my biggest beef. In that way, street races have kind of changed the value dynamic in that with about 19 races for your ticket, it makes a one-race or even two-race show on an oval seem kind of lame, value-wise. And Toronto does a great job of informing me of alllll the stuff I get for my money on their site. So if IndyCar beefs up the offering at Iowa in 2015, I could be back in for $60. I'll look a little closer at the schedule next time to be sure.

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