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July 15, 2014


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Your the best Bill. Great way to start my day.

John Oreovicz

Great use of ALL CAPS!!


I don't mind passion being shown. I just don't want it to turn into Indycar into Soap Opera/Reality TV slop.

You're right, PDog: Passion is good. Problem is, as has been shown by nearly all of reality TV, producers have a tendency to want to magnify and elicit more and more as time goes by, and what starts out as genuine in the first few seasons it's done turns into PassionAngstDrama circus. And that's the last thing I want to see happen to Indycar broadcasts.

Passion, yes. Helio making Security Chief Charles smile is indeed an enduring memory. But it's got to be a subordinate to racing, and flow naturally instead of being instigated continually and artificially like on nearly all "Reality" TV shows. If it does happen in a controlled fashion in limited doses, fine. If it doesn't, well... I don't want to watch Real Racecar Drivers of Indianapolis. Might as well bring out the clowns if it's allowed to go that far.


Agree, EMH. It needs to be sincere, natural, not staged, and flow from the racing, not the other way around. THANKS, OREO. For the comment and my resulting chortle. Also note the liberal use of exclamation points!!!

Chris Bishop

NBCSN showing split-screening the telecast w/ Mrs. Kanaan instead of Ryan, Ed and Graham slicing through the field like butter late in the race....UMBRAGE TAKEN


Oh sure, take all the umbrage...

And now you want our fence too?

Brett Smithson

John Oreovicz?!? On this site?!? You clearly have hit the big time now Bill, congrats. You're enviable position at the top reminds me of an IndyCar driver who survives to the end of a crash filled race in which three quarters of the field is taken out and gets a top five. Umbrage worthy, I wonder? And as for you, Oreo, what are you thinking leaving both Sato and J-Wil out of your championship hunt article? That made me umbrage, gawdamnit!


Har. no UMBRAGE, Brett, but a good chortle. Thanks for that. And your metaphor involving 75% of the field being GONE is very apt (sadly for the sport, not me). Most of what's left is bloggers ... more's the pitty.

Brett Smithson

Aw, Pressdog, you know you're adored and admired by your reading public. And yes, I was referring to the dearth of coverage of our beloved (if niche-y) sport in a woeful and long winded, metaphor-laden manner with a subtle attempt at humor thrown in. Glad no umbrage was taken! Nice to read the recent posts and comments - keep it up. Let me throw these out there looking ahead to Toronto - Beer of Race suggestion: Taj Mahal lager from India. Potential drinking word (or phrase) of the race: another Honda "electrical."


Good suggestion, Brett. Taj Mahal is fun-tastic. Isn't "bumpy" a good drinking word for Toronto? Or "full course yellow." (See ya in the morgue!)

Brett Smithson

Or perhaps given the forecast, "frigid." Possibly even "Hinch disappoints."


Take thee to Uxbridge.
One very much misses the "fuck fuckity fuck" in Danistars utterances .
One would also have paid a small fortuna to hear JPM during his glorious hand dance repitoire in the pit last Sabado.

Brett Smithson

Well you've really gone and done it now with this umbrage business, Bill. You've spawned yet another new competitor/frenemy/wannabe/soon-to-be failed IndyCar blogger. Check out the new url and be forewarned - there's another fan of the underdogs in the racin' blogosphere! Seriously, though, you've inspired me to take up the keyboard. Here's competing with ya!


"UMBRAGE", I remember the day when Eddie Sachs told Parnelli he cheated to win the 500 and Eddie got knock out for his troubles, and "Herbie Horse Power", Herb Porter...being knocked on his butt many times at a bar on 16th street for taking umbrage about something someone said, and nobody even got excited.

Today someone getting his knickers in a twist and the worse we see is someone running his mouth on the radio, or in the pits. I'd have loved to have seen Helio get out of his car and pound Will in the kisser, and what do we get??? UMBRAGE!!!


Does anyone else get the feeling social media is now primarily used as the quickest, most effective way ruin anything?

Umbrage taken.

Manic worldwide hysteria in seconds.

Irony enhanced.

Hypocrisy Schwerve Mode acknowledged, engaged.

Enjoyment of most everything DE-HANCED.
Spewing on twitter and blogs < chatting in-person over beers/favorite liquid refreshment

Rare is the opposite true. Such as this blog, 'dog.


Clarification: "Rare is the opposite (of social media used as quickest way to ruin anything)"

Pressdog, esq. is the exception.

Rare is the post that I don't hit [enter] too soon despite a momentary editorial confirmation window prior to thus.

Doubled irony mode.


Good comment, DZ, and no UMBRAGE taking on my part. Despite your kind comments, I can be a buzz killer on Twitter as much as anyone. I think people tend to make Twitter too much of a top-of-head thing, since it just goes out into the twitterverse and seemingly disappears. Like snap chat. PLUS, for some reason, Twitter has become the preferred channel to vent off minor annoyances that we used to just keep in our head. Yes, we know that early flights suck, you don't have to rush to your twitter account to vent your rage at having to get up at 4 to catch a 6 a.m. flight, which (BTW) you are actually being paid to take while the rest of us sit at home and don't get to go to a race. :) So, the lesson here, is maybe cut down on Twitter during live events AND don't be so quick to kill the buzz by rushing to your twitter and announcing every dark lining in every silver cloud.

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