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August 21, 2014


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Well put all around, but I especially like the bit about there being nothing new here.

Far too many forget that many of this country's newspapers were founded as, or once used as, literal and transparent mouthpieces of a specific political party. Too many forget the sinking of the Maine, stag magazines, and early photojournalism's keen interest in the seedier goings on in their area.

For all the hand-wringing about modern cable news networks and websites, news/editorial slant and sensationalism has been just as bad, if not worse for plenty of times in the past.


"News media organizations “out to get” someone is rare and probably just never happens."

Really? You never heard of the conservative or liberal media?? TV as well as print???

That is the sole reason I can no longer watch most broadcast or cable news networks; they are no longer purveyors of just news, they are purveyors of news with opinion added. Cancelled my nearly lifelong subscription to Time magazine when the became palpably offensive (at least to me).

Not entirely germane to racing, I know, but the news outlets with "no standing" who just had to voice thoughts on the Ward death and TS was almost laughable, if I dare use that term on an event that was so tragic.

Great post, thought provoking as usual!

Phil Kaiser

You ask: "Is Fox News the same as New York Times?" No, but is the New York Times the same as the Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC? ABSOLUTELY they are. In fact, where is the OTHER Fox News out there? There isn't one. Have you ever watched the network nightly newscasts and flipped from one to another? They are EXACTLY the same programs with the exact same stories in the exact same order, night after night, and if you really do some research on this topic you'll find that those newscasts follow almost exactly the New York Times top stories for the day! Have you ever noticed that on Meet the Press (NBC), This Week (ABC) and Face the Nation (CBS) whenever there's a panel there's always two (or three) Liberals to ONE conservative? ALWAYS. Do some serious research and check it out, it's true, been watching that crap for 30+ years.

Phil Kaiser

You also claim the vast majority of journalists care about getting it right. Well everyone remembers poor Dan Quayle and his "potato" gaffe, but you search hard enough and you can find the UNEDITED video of what really happened: there was a teacher standing in front of him with a flash card that had it spelled "potatoe" and when Quayle printed the word correctly on the chalkboard the TEACHER says "you forgot the 'e,'" so Quayle added the "e" and was forever made fun of for doing so. WHERE were the journalists trying to get that right? That's just but one small example, but they ruined a guy's career with their abject favoritism that day.

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