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August 31, 2014


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Nathaniel Gomez

Congrats to Will Power. Championship well deserved. Schedule is about a month too short. On track product was generally outstanding. 11 different winners this season, a good thing. Rookie class was awesome. Shout out for Aleshin for a speedy recovery. Hope to see him back next year. Fisher and Carpenter join forces next year, and new aero kits! Off season too darn long though.

Robert Black

I was there, and I was really surprised how entertaining the race was, even with no caution flags to keep the field bunched up. I thought there was plenty of back-and-forth, with guys coming to the front and falling back and then catching up again. It was a really good show.

There was plenty of stuff for the fans, too - a concert, a motorcycle jumping demonstration, a wrestling demonstration (uh, I didn't stick around for that part). The most popular attraction was probably the misters, though, because it was freakin' hot. Auto Club members (like me) got free garage and pit passes with their tickets. The garages at Fontana have a raised walkway down the middle, which is awesome because it allows you to go in and see the people working on the cars.

I still have a blog entry of my own to write about my encounter with Sarah Fisher. I'll come back and post a link to it. For now, though, I'll mention that I spotted the Fisher/O'Gara kids hanging out in the garage area, being taken around by one set of their grandparents. Zoey already has her own toddler-sized set of hearing-protection headphones, and she was actually carried into the garage at one point. They kept Daniel out in the stroller, but it was still plenty noisy, and yet he slept soundly the whole time. Only a few weeks old, and he's already used to engine noise. :-)


I enjoyed the race last night but listening to the hard core fans was just as entertaining. Thanks for the read. I think all 300K of us had fun. I can't do anything about it but you are right.


I fell asleep. Not sure if it was because of the hour or the lack of interest.

"resembles Nascar on big ovals." say no more.

Looking forward to next year.

Ron Ford

Good information from Mr. Black. It is always good to hear from someone who was at the race as opposed to we couch critics.
As for Mark Miles being a math genius, I know he can add and subtract because that's what the schedule consists of each year.

Now back to real life for six months:(

Brett Smithson IndyRaceReviewer

Thought it was a tremendous race, even with Power & the Penske Empire taking the Champ. TK deserved the win, Penske was penalized along with everyone else, and after Aleshin's "catastrophic death like experience" (can you guess the movie?) everyone behaved themselves. Had heard of ill handling cars, but never an ill handling driver. It's gonna be a long cold off season, kiddies - grab your booties.


I thought the race was the 2014 season in microcosm, and I'm not so sure that was a good thing. If you like technical racing then you're probably pretty happy, but if you like close racing NASCAR trucks at Mosport delivered more than Indycar, Indy and Iowa excepted. To be honest I'd have enjoyed Indycar more this year if drivers I liked did well. Hinchcliffe and Newgarden didn't win, Simona is gone, outside of the wins by Ed and RHR the Americans in general struggled, no Karam, and while I do like Kanaan and Helio and Power it just isn't the same. Next year I can only hope Hinchcliffe recovers and Newgarden goes on a tear. ECR finished 8th in entrant points despite crashing out of the Indy 500 and Conway having no top tens outside of his wins. What can Newgarden do with that team?

Ron Ford

Will Power was pretty funny at the awards celebration. I thought Leigh Diffey did a good job as emcee.

Robert Black

As promised, here's my Sarah Fisher story from Saturday night:

And here's another link for you all, a video of how the one restart of the race looked from my seat:

Have they said anything about the race attendance? I thought the crowd was much bigger than the last Fontana race I went to in 2003, but not as big as the 1998 CART race, which I also went to.

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