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August 04, 2014


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I been trying to follow Kenzie so hope she continues to do well & maybe gets a chance to go to a more major series like trucks or NNS in time? She would have more top 5 finishes also but shes been spun & turned in a couple other races when she was up front that ive seen. In one race recently it was only a couple laps to go & the guy spun her when she was 3rd & she got mad & ran him down during the caution & took his fender off showing some fire--good for her. Hoping she gets someone to give her a better ride in a better series soon as Nascar needs more females in it for sure although Nascar has never been female friendly for sure as look how Danica has been targeted & trashed whereby they Never trash a male driver-- regardless. Course Danica is more popular then most their male winning drivers but Kenzie wont have that issue probably but she appears to be tough enough anyway for the 'good ole boys" series if & when she gets there?

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