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August 18, 2014


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Overall MIS was a decent race because there were enough cautions. Milwaukee was boring, in my opinion. I guess my issue is that there have been too many strategy races in Indycar this season, with too little passing for the lead. If the balance were reversed, I know I wouldn't have been as upset with Milwaukee or Mid Ohio or Pocono or Texas, but taken as a whole it becomes a bit boring, to me at least. It feels like the same story after almost every race, with some people happy with a strategy race and the rest of us a bit bored.

Another issue is that there's been a lot of anticipation with very little payoff this season. We've had a ton of situations, from Newgarden at Mid Ohio to Pagenaud Vs. Helio at the Indy GP, to the battle for the lead at Long Beach to the end of the Houston race where Rahal wrecked Kanaan which could have seen something great, could have had a great finish, and fans were deprived of that. Obviously things happen and racing is unpredictable, but it feels to me that a ton of times as a fan, I've been watching a sub-par race, but there's one or two things keeping me hopeful something exciting will happen, and then it doesn't pan out. The fact that drivers that I really like have generally struggled this year (Hinch, Newgarden's rough mid season, Marco/Rahal/RHR) does not help. The season is redeemed somewhat by ECR's strength.

I am very excited for next season largely because I expect Newgarden to be a lot more competitive. He's shown speed on all types of tracks, and with ECR backing should be incredibly fast. Ed struggles a bit on flat ovals outside of Indy, and Conway struggles some on the natural terrain road courses, but we've seen Newgarden contend on both types, as well as on street courses, and he was fast at Indy for qualifying, so put him in a merged ECR/SFH team and I think he could win anywhere. Speaking of buildup with no climax, Newgarden's been knocking on the door for a win since 2012, hopefully he pulls it out in the next two races.


Milwaukee was as boring in person as (I image) it appeared on TV (haven't watched it yet as I was at the race). The first thing I said to my race buddies after we removed our earphones was "if this was this dull here, imagine how it will come across to the viewers at home."

And funny you made the comment about phantom yellows because mid-race I actually was hoping for officials to do just that...yeah, it was THAT bad. Stands were empty and Saturday was so vacant that napkins blew down the outer streets like tumbleweeds.


I was in the stands at Milwaukee, and I am like you Pressdog. I like being able to see the whole track and choose the battles I want to watch farther back in the field. I think the effect of new tires was more visible in-person than it was on TV, especially during Newgarden's run at the end.

I had a couple of stints of boredom, but the pit stop action broke things up and I found the race to be interesting. I watched the race on TV the next day, and I did nod off a couple times.

Interesting thing to note - Of the five cars surrounding mine in the parking lot at the fairgrounds, three had Illinois license plates and two had Indiana plates. I drove up from the Chicago area myself Sunday morning. Clearly there would be support for a race at Chicagoland. It's too bad a deal won't come together. Also, who knows how many fans will actually buy a ticket and show up. A Milwaukee-like crowd would look smaller at Chicagoland since they have more seating capacity.

As for Milwaukee, I had a good experience. Nice clean facility, good view of the pits even from the top of the grandstand. I also liked the atmosphere. It was my first time there and I will be buying a ticket next year.


Was reading Track Forum. Lots of concerns about
Milwaukee attendance. Estimates are all over the place, some as high as 32,000 (wishful thinking?
I believe Robin Miller got it right at around 18,000. The place only holds 37,000 and there were lots (and lots!!) of empty seats.
Apparently the race will return in 2015. But with such a small crowd for a "major" race, and very little TV money, I just wonder who is absorbing monetary loss?


Bill, thanks for mentioning the Joe Newgarden performance this time. He has been earning the attention for a while.

Chris Lukens

I missed the Nascar race, after seeing that Jeff Gordon won it, I wish I had watched.

I watched the Milwaukee race and enjoyed it. I, also think the TV guys spent too much time on the leader. There was some terrific racing from P2 through about P15. RHR went from P19 to something like P5 twice before an unfortunate mechanical issue put him out. Joe N went from P2 to about P14, then back to P2, then P12 on the last pit stop and then ( with a few more laps ) maybe could have won the race. I wouldn’t call that boring, unfortunately they didn’t really show that on TV.

Last thought: IndyCar really needs to clarify what the rule is for hitting something in the pit lane.

Ron Ford

I was at the Milwaukee race both saturday and sunday and enjoyed it. There were lots of people in the infield. The new grandstands were build without an overhang except for a small area under the pressbox so sitting under a hot sun for hours gets old in a hurry.

I agree with Bill that races at places like the Milwaukee Mile are more exciting in person than on TV because you can easily see the entire track. You can follow the battles and progress of drivers other than the leader througout the field. After watching TV video today I can see why some may have found it boring on TV.

There were 25,000 fans there including the infield.


I was at Milwaukee as well and while there were some lulls, there were some pretty great moments around the pit stops as drivers who hadn't stopped were battling with guys who had.

Overall I'd give the race about a C+, not the greatest race I've seen, but not bad, either. It was much better in person (I watched the DVR Sunday night and had to fast forward a couple of times) because, as others have mentioned, you can see the track and focus on individual battles through the field. A scanner helps too.

It's unfortunate TV didn't focus on Newgarden after his final stop. The guy was absolutely electric, just as he was in the closing laps at Iowa. Once we got to about 10 to go and I knew Willy P pretty much had it sewed up I was fixated on Josef's driving. Great stuff, and I am really excited to see what Josef will do as his career progresses. He has the talent.

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