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August 15, 2014


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Brett Smithson IndyRaceReviewer

Depends upon your definition of "crazy," doesn't it? Is it simply someone who disagrees with you? Or who uses a current event to make a point? Besides, in today's 'perfectly healthy' society crazy is good, crazy is clarifying and crazy sells. See Robin Williams and this week's coverage for a great current example.

Brett Smithson IndyRaceReviewer

Oh, and the hard of hearing community would like an apology. They also urge peace and reconciliation.


I guess you could summarize your post another way. Since time began, opinions have been like that certain body part, everybody had one. In this day and age everybody gets to display their resemblance to that body part through all sorts of social media.

But if one has the patience to sift through all that chaff, occasionally some wheat will be found.

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