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September 06, 2014


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Ron Ford

I am sincerely happy that you find the Nascar Chase compelling, enthralling, and Boomy.


Oh please-- THE Nascar chase is a Keystone cop GIMMICK like other things & even like Indycar does changing things around trying to draw more interest from fans because less fans are watching & attending nowdays. The Championship should be about the BEST driver ALL yr--NOT a gimmick of eliminations like it is now where the best driver could get wrecked in a race & be gone from the chase. Once the old die hard Nascar rednecks die off Nascar will be fighting Indycar for the lowest ratings. In case you haven't noticed the new TV schedule next yr shows even the main Fox network wont be showing many Cup races as before as they are throwing even Cup races on their low rated Fox sports networks & watch Nascar cry when they see the low ratings from NBCSports where Indycar is now--LMAO. Major Networks don't want Nascar anymore--period. Nascars desperation is showing with all this crap that is NOT helping draw new fans in due to races being way to long that new fans aren't going to sit through & boring parades they call races watching the leader lap the field every race with few lead changes now days. The top teams of Hendricks, Penske & a couple SHR teams are winning most races with fluke exceptions for a small percentage of them & all the other drivers & teams might as well stay home from this none competitive series nowdays of 43 drivers when only a third of them are competitive. Also the high cost of Nascar as well will drag Nascar down eventually--that's all.

BTW you do know don't you the main reason for this chase gimmick is to get Dale JR a championship anyway Nascar can as its the worst kept secret in Nascar circles, not that it will help ratings or attendance as his & his daddys old redneck fans are already watching. I wouldn't be surprised if Nascar lets Hendricks give JRs car a much higher horsepower engine if he's lucky enough NOT to get wrecked & make it through to the final round--watch & see as Nascar manipulates anything they can as who's going to know or stop them?--too bad.

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