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October 17, 2014


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Ron Ford

Jerry Springer on wheels. Instead of fines from the NASCAR refs the weekly protaginists should have to face Judge Judy.

It was all fun and games until...............


Despite the publicity, Nascar needs to put the kibosh on the (admittedly entertaining and series promoting) "using cars as weapons" behavior. Someone is going to seriously hurt and they're just playing russian roulette by allowing this to happen.

They can fight in the pit area all they want, the fights never amount to much anyway. I do get the feeling some of these drivers don't like each other--a racing series, as Nascar has always understood, needs "good guys" and "bad guys" to drive fan interest.

I have to admit I'm surprised at well the new "playoff" elimination thing is working. I had my doubts and it is so gimmicky--but it seems to be working. Maybe working better than the traditional points systems in other series. Maybe (we'll see) something Indycar should steal?

Kezlowski as Eddie Haskell--awesome, Dog.


I was totally amazed that driving the car thru the garage, and leaving tire marks, a didn't get Bad Brad at least one race on the couch. NASCAR made a big mistake on that....and if it does continue...sooner or later someone will get hurt or killed.

In days long past a driver like Brad would have been met away from the track and made to understand that his behavior was, let's say, "unacceptable". Usually one such meeting resulted in better behavior, but I do remember on one such occasion...a very famous driver...had to be explained to for a second time that his physical well being depended on his behavior being modified...and he understood and was a good boy at least toward the offended driver.

The new Chase format is producing what it was intended to do....bring excitement....but what will fans think if JJ, Jr, Brad, and maybe even Jeff (not likely) are all gone??


Keselowski is a moron with or without the new format. Boys being boys also has little to do with the format as well.

Having said that I do like the new format, much better than just a straight points fight to the finish as in days of old.\

Maybe they can take a lead from Bernie in F1 and award double points to the last race to REALLY make it interesting! (Just kidding, I find that idea laughable).

The Speedgeek


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