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November 20, 2014


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Thanks PDOG. Very good read.

Bill Boldman

Solid musings Bill. I appreciate and enjoy your writing style and views on all things racing. Keep up the good work and I for one look forward to the start of the new seasons.

Ken Broadhead

PDOG - Good Job!


Loved NASCAR this year, best season in ages. Indycar was boring, to me, outside of Indy and Iowa. A pretty big letdown. F1 was pretty predictable but to their credit they've had some good races. They've had better battles for the lead at times (Bahrain/Hungary) than Indycar did on their overly tight road courses and short street courses. But yeah, I didn't watch most of the F1 races. I was lucky to see the most interesting ones live though.

I worry aero kits may kill the close racing at Indy and that would be... unfortunate.

Danica was just not good. I mean, I want her to succeed and I like her, but you can't really say anything positive about two seasons in a row where she was outright the worst driver in NASCAR. She finished dead least of the drivers in cars which are "reasonably funded" full time. Tony Stewart had an awful season, missed three races, and still was ahead of her. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. also missed Talladega and still outran her. Sure she beat Algier, Scott, and such, but their cars are not competitive at all. She's below Dillon, Larson, McMurray, Menard, and even Casey Mears in a single car team beat her! She was behind the entire Hendrick/Penske/Roush/Gibbs/Stewart-Haas/RPM/MWR/RCR and Germain and Furniture Row and JTG! I mean, there's no good way to spin that. My hope for Danica would be some significant time in the Nationwide/ARCA/Truck area to pick up some wins and hopefully improve her racecraft. I do think she showed some improvement in the early Fall, and I really think it was a mistake to change her crew chief. I would hope they give her someone other than Busch's old crew guy for 2015.


Have you heard anything about Simona's return to IndyCar? I hear she has parted ways with her management team, which seems to be a good thing. But is there a seat for her somewhere?


Simona did part with her manager and I have also heard she'd be open or wants to return to IndyCar. I don't doubt her sincerity on that, but then again, where else would she go? Euro feeder leagues? Sports cars? IndyCar is preferable to those two. The only "open seats" in IndyCar are determined a lot by the size of the check the driver brings. So, like everyone else, if Simona can scare up some money ..


IndyCar has a problem in that its head is a bean counter and not fan friendly. Hence the lack of ovals, which equals the opposite of fan friendly fun-ness. Danica? ONE win in 198 big league starts. Here's a statistic for ya - that's a .5% winning percentage in more starts that 90% of drivers get. "Better"?! Insert mocking laughter here. NASCAR, like Kurt Busch, Tony Stewart and Ghengis Khan, has a violence issue. Plus that fact that France is a stooge. And the races and season are interminable, dull and repetitive. F-1's unaffordable & has Bernie. Nuff said.

Ron Ford

"Screw being polite. Flip people off"?? Is that what it takes to entertain you? Watch wrestling. I like to see emotion and passion when drivers are racing. I don't recall anyone ever suggesting that Bill Vukovich, Al Unser, Rick Mears, Greg Moore, Dan Wheldon, et al should flip people off to be more entertaining.

I also like Danica, but from what I can tell this is what she had learned so far: Understeer is when the front of your car hits the wall. Oversteer is when the back of your car hits the wall.


I agree almost 100% with your view, but with a few additional thoughts:

First IndyCar and sports cars racing were built by "innovation", with every team bringing something that they believed would give them an edge, and from that a possible win. Le Mans has continued to do that, and it has prospered.

IndyCar has done away with innovation for the what is a false God....cost control. First it is NOT cost effective, and second the very reason for going to watch their races was every car in some respect was different.

Indy car racing was built by cars that drew fans to see them, and the fans brought money, and money brought drivers, and the best drivers brought sponsors, who brought more money. Then came TV and the sponsors, spent more money to sell product. And everyone was happy...until Tony Hulman died.

Then the team owners formed CART, and when they tried to ignore Tony George, he had his feelings hurt and he took his toy (Speedway)and formed the IRL...bad move on both parties...and we are still being subjected to a "team owners" series, when to succeed we need a "fan" comes first series.

I'd rather have a "junk" formula,(we don't have to have carbon fiber, or leased engines), where we would have 70 entries, with many different looks and sounds, 33 qualifiers, and one winner who if he/she won by 3 laps would be fine with me. How about you??

I am a Danica fan. I know she is not Kyle Larson, but she is the best female driver EVER in both IndyCar and NASCAR.

During my lifetime women have come from not being allowed anywhere near the pits and today where a girl can compete, not just with other women but on the same stage with men...without handicap.

Danica brings fans, sponsors, money, and attention to a sport (racing) which needs all the promotion it can get. Racing is better for Danica and I can't wait till she wins....and I believe she will!!

Remember you know the bring money, Danica brings both!!

One last comment.....I understand that to break even IndyCar, (based upon Boston Consulting's advice), raised prices on "500" tickets, has had a concert, another race at the Speedway, and charging for everything except using the toilet, and they are considering having a new tax on'll be called "pass-to-pee" tax...a 10% tax which will allow you to pee, but only if you buy a beer!!



Just heard that the Speedway likes the "pass-to-pee" tax so much they are going to expand it to water, but you have to buy two bottles, (children under 16, there are 10 of those attending will only have to buy 1)!

Johon S

Great to get a festival of writing from PD!

Still my favorite question, first asked many years ago: Who will win first in Nascar big league, Danica or Sam H. Jr ?


Since Iam a fan of Danicas will mention some facts. Don't use the excuse she is with one of the best teams in Nascar--because she is NOT. The only team who might be considered the best is Penske where both drivers are consistenly up front most every race. SHR & its 4 drivers is NOT a consistently competitive team just the #4 car with Harvick is up front every race--NOT Kurt or Stewart her boss as Danica has esp beaten Kurt & Stewart in quite a few races this yr --get a brain and look at their results. Also she is in the CUP series and a more comparable drivers stats IS ex Indycar driver Hornish JR who took 4.5 yrs and 147 races to win his first little NNS race which is far from the Cup series in competition level but no-ne has ever or is criticizing him now are they. Comparing Danicas 2 yrs now in Cup to her teammates or other drivers who grew up in stock cars & how she finishes is as bad as the sexists pigs who criticize her. Also just when she shows progress SHR takes her CC in a swap & gives her Kurts CC who couldnt get it done for him but apparently hes good enough for her anyway as now she is getting SHR leftovers unless SHR finds her another CC--period.

Also there are many drivers in the Cup series who have been there much longer then Danica that have either NO wins or maybe 1 win but no-one criticises them either--think about that. Btw Danica only finished a few points behind her 2 time NNS champ boyfriend Ricky S--think about that.

The fact that Danicas more popular then most their winning drivers & the sexist pig series of Nascar cant handle it just like Indycar couldn't handle it is why most criticize her even though she is still the ONLY driver who has proven she can draw in fans that NO other driver can & increase ratings when she does well. When she won the Daytona 500 pole last yr the media storm & ratings jumped 25% which is a lot for Nascar so when she wins--look out. She can draw attention for Godaddy regardless of her results so will be around long as Godaddy is happy & they LOVE her---period.

Far as Indycar--as said-- just boring crap not worth watching anymore but don't worry theyre used to low ratings by now & F1 not worth watching either really--enough said so where are the real good racing series if there is any--just the dirt tracks.

Nascar ratings overall are dropping & will continue to drop also--watch & see. The boring races of follow the leader parades whereby most the field is waiting to get lapped wont help ratings grow ever again not to mention the garbage low rated NBCSports network next yr--get ready to see Nascar cry about their low ratings & empty seats course tracks are removing seats so not to look so empty but still? Even the main Fox network is putting many Nascar races on its low rated cable shows F1 & F2 next yr also--says it all.


Johon S, the answer to your question: Neither will ever win a Cup race. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

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